Jane's Letters
Keeping Aglow Light-Footed

A powerful decree was made by Chuck Pierce at the 2018 U.S. National Conference in Spokane, Washington.

His decree came following the report being given at the podium of Aglow’s trip into Viet Nam earlier that year. As he listened, what he was hearing in his spirit was, “It is a move of God that has moved women from prayer warriors to apostolic-prophetic watchmen.” He went on to say, “This is a major shift and it is an identity expression that we have not seen in the past.”

I wish I could sit with you individually and have a chat. I love to hear people’s heart. I love hearing where each one is in their journey forward.

This has been a most interesting season of time with various situations taking place in our lives.

It is comforting to know that we are not alone, but surrounded by one another’s love, encouragement, and prayers.

My heart goes out to those among us who are dealing with personal illness, family illness, tragedies, and other ongoing situations that might keep a “normal” person down, but not this group! I love the way we just keep rising to meet every challenge with a determined desire to see God’s Glory manifested.

Joy to the World

Joy to the World, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King!

As you have often heard me say, Christmas with all it brings, is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the lights. I love the sounds. I love the joy of being with friends and family and giving gifts. I love hearing hearts as we share over a meal, recalling the faithfulness of God throughout the generations.

Continued Faithfulness

As I have continued to process through my notes and have conversations with others that center around the messages we heard in Spokane, WA, my heart is continually overwhelmed by His Presence and His plans for Aglow worldwide.

In Richmond, VA the Lord spoke to us in powerful, confirming ways, calling us to come higher and to see as He sees. We sensed His assurances for the future as He re-mantled us, recommissioned us, and set us out once again to do His bidding.

As the International Board of Directors met together in Richmond, I made this statement, “We are living in a culminating time.” We have continued to watch world affairs unfold since then, and we can easily discern that this is a time when there is a combination of many prophetic events converging that surround our inheritance, our destiny, and the soon return of Christ.

It has been a year since God spoke profoundly to us during the 2017 Global Conference in Richmond, Virginia. When His prophetic words regarding a re-mantling and a re-commissioning of Aglow were being spoken forth, I was overwhelmed by His mighty intentions and could only say, “This is big!” And now, we find ourselves having walked through this year of transition, looking at everything carefully to see what we carry forth into the new place and what we leave behind.

I recently received a report from the Alaska State Gathering held by Mary Pomeroy, Alaska State Leader, and I wanted to share a specific session lead by Carol Martin, longtime leader in Aglow Alaska. I believe it will bring clarity to what is taking place in Aglow around the world since a major shift began last November.

Fuller Understanding

Here is what Carol related:

My assignment was to share and facilitate a roundtable discussion on the “Gates of `Breakthrough,'” where we broke into Area and Lighthouse Teams. My goal was to draw from Jane’s monthly messages to the field since the Fall 2017 conference.

I felt strongly to look at the phrase that Jane mentions with frequency, “Propel the Kingdom Forward.” I broke these words down into a fuller understanding and then pulled them back together again.

Propel: To drive forward and onward by or as if by means of force that imparts motion. (We know that force is Holy Spirit power!)
Kingdom: A realm where God’s will is fulfilled.
Forward: Moving toward the future or toward a more advanced state or condition.

As you receive this letter, we have just completed our annual pilgrimage to Israel and the U.S. Embassy has been relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The world is watching this historical and prophetic event as it unfolds. I can only imagine how Heaven rejoices in the acknowledgment that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. Heaven established it from the beginning and now, the world has either chosen to align and support this reality or to stand in opposition.

When strong words regarding the intentions of God impact the earth, as they did in Richmond at the 50th-anniversary celebration, we are given the choice of responding. Our responses can vary depending on where we are in our walk with the Lord. Do not say that you have no strength. This is a time to press in and receive all that God is conceiving in you and through you. We, corporately, have moved into a new place.

Warm greetings to you! I trust that you are enjoying the Presence of the Lord in increasing ways. It is His Presence that defines us and His Presence from which all our activities must flow.

After our conference in Richmond, and the confirming words spoken regarding Aglow, my heart felt stirred to bring together the leadership of all the “moving pieces” of the ministry to seek the Lord. I felt that we needed to pray together and confer with one another to see which pieces of our history will move forward with us into this new era. Therefore, I asked the leadership to gather in Seattle for a Roundtable Meeting.