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2019 convocation 11 13 18Aglow 2019 Jerusalem Convocation

  • Jane Hansen Hoyt - Opening Session pdf icon small
    In the opening session of the Jerusalem Convocation Jane spoke about prophetic words that have been spoken over Aglow and how we are seeing them unfolding before us. In all of the nations there is fresh oil. The light is brighter. The depth is deeper. The truth is explosive in the best possible way. It is a new day. It is a new era in Aglow.
  • Asher Intrater - Monday PM Session pdf icon small
    Instead of looking at what is wrong with everybody else, we need to say, “What do I need to change?” then put the stone down. We have to have personal righteousness.
  • Dan Juster - Tuesday AM Session pdf icon small
    In the Tuesday morning session Dan Juster talked about the 5 Pillars Movement: 1) having a spirit of Revival and a Passion for Yeshua, 2) the unity of the church that releases Holy Spirit, world missions, 3) the Gospel of the Kingdom establishing congregations/communities, the whole of what is connected to the Kingdom, 4) having a heart and passion for the Jewish people and their salvation, and 5) raising up leaders who are passionate about the first four pillars. Are you a 5 Pillars person?
  • Asher Intrater - Tuesday PM Session pdf icon small
    In the Tuesday evening session Asher entreated us to come to a higher level, a higher level of understanding where we can see clearly in the Spirit, where we can understand what is going on, lay hold of spiritual power, and where we can take the dominion authority that Yeshua rose into Heaven to give us.
  • Dan Juster - Wednesday AM Session pdf icon small
    In this session Dan talks about how you are joined to Israel, Israel is joined to you, and you are one new man together.
  • Patty Juster - Wednesday AM Session pdf icon small
    In the Wednesday morning session Patty Juster talked about learning how to have a deeply rooted faith and seeing the bigger purpose of God in trials and testing even in the midst of pain and suffering.
  • Jane Hansen Hoyt & IBOD Members - Closing Session pdf icon small
    In the closing session of the Convocation, Jane, Dan, and members of IBOD spoke about different truths brought out in the sessions that were especially impactful for their nations and regions. They encouraged us to go back over the transcripts of each session to study, digest, and receive deeper revelation concerning the truths brought out in the Convocation bringing us to a higher level of understanding of what He wants.
  • Aglow 2019 Jerusalem Convocation Talking Points pdf icon small

Partnering With Prophecy

Dallas, TX, July 2019

  • If You Keep Silent: Jane Hansen Hoyt - Saturday AM Session pdf icon small
    Aglow has been sustained and continues on in the life giving ways of the Spirit. The reason for that is because we hunger after the way of the Spirit and for His Presence. Because without Him, without His Presence in our midst we are nothing, and we have nothing.