Liz Mbuzi, National President of Zambia

After a long year of limited ability to gather for in-person meetings, we love hearing from our leaders who are able to start in-person meetings again. Liz Mbuzi, National President of Zambia and Aglow International Board Member, shares with us her invitation and announcement to Aglow Zambia to begin in-person meetings again and a call to a day of prayer and fasting together.

Aglow Cameroon Evangelism

We praise the Lord for our Generations Group in Cameroon! Evangelism is their heart and focus. We bless their diligence in raising up young people who have had difficult lives in the love and knowledge of the Lord.

Aglow Nigeria Hour of Power

In recent communication from Bisi Adeluyi, the National President of Aglow Nigeria, and the other eight members of her National Board, the mighty power of God was evident. In a nation where horrific challenges in daily life have reached worldwide news reports, and general economic challenges have ravaged many parts of Nigerian society, the leaders of the Aglow ministry are finding new ways to move forward.