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Nehemiah Project

Nehemiah Project is a way for men to step in as protectors and providers for the ministry of Aglow.

This Project will:

  • Fund the different expenditures needed by Aglow
  • Free up resources in the General Fund which needs our help!

We, as men, know how powerful this ministry is, and God is calling us to step up and resource this Project aside from our normal giving.  

We are in a season on the cusp of new beginnings. Things that have laid dormant in your finances, family, and personal lives are linked to stepping into a greater understanding of our identity as men. Because we have been called to protect and provide, as we sow seed into the Nehemiah Project, we are also activating the fulfillment of our own prophetic promises, family future, and personal undertakings.

God is ready to prove Himself and His faithfulness as we step into our true identity as providers and protectors.

I invite you to commit to giving monthly by designating your gift to the Nehemiah Project. This tax-deductible gift will open up the miraculous over Aglow and over you.

Since giving into this Project, my finances have multiplied because I was stepping into who God called me to be...a protector and a provider.

Will you join me?

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