The FRUIT in peoples' lives and the relationships that have been built, FAR OUTWEIGH what we experienced in larger meetings. We know what we are experiencing right now is the 'heart of God'!

Ms. Miller
Game Changers & Life Changers – They have changed everything. Every trial is now viewed through the lens of what the Lord wants to accomplish in my life and who He wants to be for me in that moment. I was sharing a personal prayer need regarding a health situation this past Sunday. I felt I had been on a downward cycle since January. As I mentioned the fear attached to it, I immediately realized He was upgrading my faith. Instantly the fear left and has not returned.

GameChangers was so good and going through it the second time was just as good. For me it cemented my identity and I felt such an increase in authority. There is so much good revelation that I realize you can't take it all in the first time. The Holy Spirit really ministers to you as you lean into listening and remembering words spoken over your life. So many confirmations.

A Facilitator
I've seen a growing confidence, especially in the quiet ones sharing from their hearts; it's like witnessing a delicate rose bud opening up & releasing a breath-taking fragrances.

A young mother
I am a mother of three children from 2nd grade through the 8th grade. This was perfect timing for me. I get so frustrated with my children and all the stages they are going through.  I am truly seeking to see them through God's eyes!  

A Facilitator
A woman  who I knew previously, but had only seen once this year  preceded to tell me how glad she was that she reconnected with  Aglow. She sobbed as she tried to share with me how at a young age she was traumatized by the actions of others. She has suffered greatly over many years, yet God has set her free where she can finally forgive. GameChangers is helping her find her identity and giving her a voice!   

A GameChanger
It is of utmost importance that homework lessons are completed; this is where I gained much knowledge about myself and was able to apply much to my own life.

A Facilitator
Recently at our meeting, we asked the Area Advisor, a pastor, to close in prayer. He stood up, holding his GameChangers book (which was soiled and well-used), and told us how much being a part of our group has meant to him and how he is able to share the insights and teaching at various places where he speaks. He always tells that he learned it from GameChangers

A GameChanger
I feel like this GameChangers, homework and all is revelation into each of our destiny. It is our choice, each of us, to determine if we want this revelation or do we want to slide along. This process is vital to me. I feel like I don't have time to do the homework, but GOD! I feel like we need to turn it in to you, the facilitator. This also releases us to lead a group.

A Facilitator
Just last week, I was showing Session 4 of GameChangers. After the first few minutes into the DVD one of the young women had a question. So we stopped the DVD and the Holy Spirit took over. The ladies began processing the material and we never did get back to the DVD.  They shared and shared and asked questions and answered their own questions and on and on it went for over an hour. We will get back to the DVD next month.

I actually enjoyed the homework assignments. I journal regularly but to pull out all the prophetic words, nuggets, and what God has done and combine them in one place is so valuable. I usually know what God is doing, but these exercises helped clarify why He was doing it. It is such a blessing to be a part of this and I thank you!

A GameChanger
Honestly, I feel like I'm going to explode. The Lord has deposited so much in me that I am bursting!  Before GameChangers, I had been crying out to the Lord to help me love my husband through some really tough issues and I received all of my answers in applying the fruit of the Spirit. He is so faithful and I am so grateful. I sensed that He lifted me up and showed me the same situations in life from a different place.  It's a place of power and victory and above all love. These experiences have changed my life, precept upon precept. I am honored to be a part of what God is doing on earth through Aglow.

Tina Marie
A friend and I are so excited to share the GameChangers message with other lighthouses in our Area! It has been received with open hearts and minds. In fact, we have people that are so hungry for the truth of this message, that they are driving an hour out of town, just to come hear about being a GameChanger. Many of them have heard us at our lighthouse and followed us to another Lighthouse to hear it again.