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The FRUIT in peoples' lives and the relationships that have been built, FAR OUTWEIGH what we experienced in larger meetings. We know what we are experiencing right now is the 'heart of God'!

Suzanne Tucker, North Central Area Team President, Texas
I remember Graham’s message to us in 2008 in Washington, DC. Even then, I cried as I realized why understanding our identity from God’s perspective is critical. Now, having been through GameChangers and LifeChangers, I totally grasp why our identity statements are so critical and a weapon in our hands against the accusations of the enemy. Every time I make a statement of who I am, I realize that it must align with my Creator. I find that I can’t say things like, ‘I am discouraged’ because He is never discouraged. I can’t say, ‘I am tired’ because He never grows weary. I am aligning my words and my identity with Him in a new way and with new understanding.

A Busy Life
Recently, I felt like I was to go through LifeChangers. Although I felt like I was too busy to set aside the time, I jumped in. Honestly, going through this teaching has helped me in so many ways. For one, I experience joy like never before! Another, is that in places where I have certain triggers that cause me to spiral downward, well, those triggers come, but they don’t take me downward! Even my husband notices the joy and peace that has come to our family through LifeChangers. If you are feeling drawn to going through the teachings, I encourage you not to put it off. Do it now!

A Leader in Asia
Since I have been coming to Aglow and hearing the teachings of GameChangers, my life has changed! In the past, I was very weak in realizing how I’m seen by Heaven. I felt like a victim most days. It seemed my feelings were constantly hurt by things my husband said to me. Now, I know my real identity and my friends in Aglow build me up as a victor, not a victim. Because my way of thinking has been reframed the hurtful things said by my husband no longer hurt me and our marriage is becoming more and more harmonious.

A Translator
My first experience with the teachings of GameChangers was at an Aglow gathering where translation was needed. I remember thinking, these truths are so simple and easy to apply to daily life. I couldn’t wait to apply them to my life. Since that day, I have begun sharing GameChangers in small groups and I’ve found that it works for everyone! One lady who struggled with negative thoughts which triggered anger followed by depression. When she heard that every problem comes with a possibility for God to work miracles, she learned to get a different thought that left her with the expectation that a touch from God was coming. Even her husband and children noticed!

Formerly Lukewarm
While I had known the Lord for several years and experienced His great power, my life continued to be lukewarm. Studying together in the Aglow group, my life has taken a qualitative leap! My experience with God has been sustained and my knowledge has been upgraded. During the past year, I have shared the truth of God with my family which I never did before and they have all come to know the Lord.

Who Will God Be For You When…..
In GameChangers we are encouraged to ask the question, “Who will God be for me in this situation that He could not be at any other time?” In a time of crisis, where seconds counted, where I had to keep calm and hear His voice immediately, His Presence was my peace, my wisdom, my strong tower.

A few weeks ago I was walking my little dog, Yoshe around 5:00. Yoshe is a rescue, a sweet little guy, and the delight of many of the neighborhood children. As we were walking past our neighbor’s house, I could see their van coming, and their 5 year old leaning out the window calling, “Yosh! Yosh!”

Of course we stopped and waited for them so he could pet his little buddy. My neighbor had a house guest who owns a pit bull. The pit and their dog were barking aggressively at the fence just yards away. Not thinking, my neighbor’s daughter popped out of the van and opened their gate letting both the pit and their dog out. Both dogs rushed straight for Yoshe and violently attacked him clearly going for the kill. I was beating the pit with my fist as hard as I could with no effect. Read more...

Ms. Miller
Game Changers & Life Changers – They have changed everything. Every trial is now viewed through the lens of what the Lord wants to accomplish in my life and who He wants to be for me in that moment. I was sharing a personal prayer need regarding a health situation this past Sunday. I felt I had been on a downward cycle since January. As I mentioned the fear attached to it, I immediately realized He was upgrading my faith. Instantly the fear left and has not returned.

Ema From Britain
I wrote a declaration over my life which said, “I am the daughter of the almighty God, and I never stop being a princess. I am never the victim.” I’ve been a victim all my life, and what Graham’s teaching taught me was how to stop being one. You stop being a victim when you realize your identity. Graham took this teaching and put it into real life. I make hard decisions at work, so I stop in my day and ask the Father what He wants me to do, what does this mean? I am learning what abiding is. I had never really understood that word, thinking it meant to stay in one place. It’s so much more. It’s about getting God involved in your day and stopping to ask Him before moving forward, letting the Father be involved in the day. I share Graham’s teaching a lot online because young people want an identity. Graham’s teaching helps us really understand our identity in God, and that’s where I move from.

Naomi From Canada
I have a heart for the indigenous people of the native community in my city. The GameChangers Identity message really spoke to me. God spoke a word over me when I was in a low place, and felt the word ‘loser’ over myself. God changed that word to ‘Loved’, and then put ‘Beloved’ over that. Through GameChangers I know this is the identity I need to live out of. I don’t have to live out of any other identity from others or the world, I have to live out the identity He has declared over me. Our generation is so lost in who we are, and I know God speaks a better word over us. Through our group, people will discover what God really says about them, and I think it will change our culture. I pray over cities and the Native Community, and sense it’s about time for things to change. I feel a fresh faith to believe, intercede, and contend for the things God has promised for indigenous people and my city, Winnipeg. The Lord has something more.

A Young Mother
I am a mother of three children from 2nd grade through the 8th grade. This was perfect timing for me. I get so frustrated with my children and all the stages they are going through.  I am truly seeking to see them through God's eyes!  

A Facilitator
A woman  who I knew previously, but had only seen once this year  preceded to tell me how glad she was that she reconnected with  Aglow. She sobbed as she tried to share with me how at a young age she was traumatized by the actions of others. She has suffered greatly over many years, yet God has set her free where she can finally forgive. GameChangers is helping her find her identity and giving her a voice!   

A GameChanger
It is of utmost importance that homework lessons are completed; this is where I gained much knowledge about myself and was able to apply much to my own life.

A Facilitator
Recently at our meeting, we asked the Area Advisor, a pastor, to close in prayer. He stood up, holding his GameChangers book (which was soiled and well-used), and told us how much being a part of our group has meant to him and how he is able to share the insights and teaching at various places where he speaks. He always tells that he learned it from GameChangers

Natasha From Canada
The Identity message resonated with me. For most of my life, I struggled with my identity and didn’t like myself very much. I didn’t have a very good understanding of God’s love. When I looked at myself all I could see were the things I didn’t like, all the faults and imperfections, and I didn’t see a lot of good in myself. My understanding of God’s love was that God loved me anyway, in spite of who I was. I knew that was an incorrect understanding, but that is just the way I felt. I really began to seek God for a better understanding of His love. He spoke to me really powerfully through the story of Gideon. God sees us so differently than we see ourselves, He sees outside of time, He sees the whole picture. This was a life transforming message for me. I work as a social worker with the native community, so GameChangers fellowship, and to be with people that want to learn and grow and be like-minded was so great! I had been feeling isolated.

A GameChanger
I feel like this GameChangers, homework and all is revelation into each of our destiny. It is our choice, each of us, to determine if we want this revelation or do we want to slide along. This process is vital to me. I feel like I don't have time to do the homework, but GOD! I feel like we need to turn it in to you, the facilitator. This also releases us to lead a group.

I actually enjoyed the homework assignments. I journal regularly but to pull out all the prophetic words, nuggets, and what God has done and combine them in one place is so valuable. I usually know what God is doing, but these exercises helped clarify why He was doing it. It is such a blessing to be a part of this and I thank you!

A GameChanger
Honestly, I feel like I'm going to explode. The Lord has deposited so much in me that I am bursting!  Before GameChangers, I had been crying out to the Lord to help me love my husband through some really tough issues and I received all of my answers in applying the fruit of the Spirit. He is so faithful and I am so grateful. I sensed that He lifted me up and showed me the same situations in life from a different place.  It's a place of power and victory and above all love. These experiences have changed my life, precept upon precept. I am honored to be a part of what God is doing on earth through Aglow.

Wes From Canada
I started GameChangers right before a big surgery. God was telling me and my wife that it would be a new chapter. Focusing on Identity was a huge factor in knowing we could handle whatever outcome came from the surgery. I’m In the process of reading the GameChangers manual a third time, and every time I find stuff that is so incredibly new to me. Through the GameChangers Identity teaching, I started my own business and had the confidence to do that. There were attacks on the business, and I went from really confident, to not at all, to about to quit. I was encouraged to go back and read what I had written down about my dream and vision for the business, about my identity through GameChangers, what I believed God for, and what He sees us to be. It gave me the hope to keep going, and we had the most amazing year. We had a great first year of business, and being new to the community that could only be God.