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2011 International Council

  • Prophecy Reveals Identity pdf icon_small
    This document is the transcript for a teaching that Jane Hansen Hoyt did during the first session at the International Council.
    • Prophecy Reveals Identity (Teaching) pdf icon_small
      This teaching goes along with the DVD of Jane teaching on the importance that prophecy plays in revealing our identity. When we receive a prophetic word, the Lord stands in the future, looking back at you in the present, saying, “I already see this prophetic word working in your life. All the blessings, all the benefits of being this person belong to you the moment I speak this word to you.” All the issues you face after receiving that prophetic word are faced in the promise of the identity of the prophetic word.

2011 Leaders Summit Messages

  • Session 1 - Establishing a Kingdom Culture pdf icon_small
    This teaching by Graham Cooke was delivered at the first session of International Council in Houston, TX. It is filled with foundational truths that are to be used as a building block for all in the Body of Christ. Learn in Christ truths about your real identity. Learn how to Live an Ascended Lifestyle. Learn how prophetic words help to establish your identity.
    • Three Dreams Skit pdf icon_small
      This skit goes along with the DVD of the first International Council session, Establishing a Kingdom Culture, which was held in Houston, TX in 2011 at the Aglow International Worldwide Conference. The three dreams in the skit were given to Graham Cooke who spoke along with Jane Hansen Hoyt, during the Council sessions. Performing this skit is a great visual example of how the old man tries to control us even after accepting Christ. The good news is that we are walking daily with new thoughts, new ways of seeing, and new ways of speaking, no longer judging people by behavior or pointing out sin, but seeing the God potential in them. The skit will require various props, an old man, young man, narrator, and various people who will walk down the sidewalk as though they are busy in the city.
      • No Longer I pdf icon_small
        This teaching can be used after viewing the DVD of Session 1 or after enacting the Three Dream Skit to reinforce moving away from old ways and old mindsets to living life as God intended us to live, with Jesus as our example. Behavior is the echo of belief. We have not just been saved from something. We have been saved to live on earth as it is in Heaven.
    • Introduction to Establishing a Kingdom Culture pdf icon_small
      This teaching on Establishing a Kingdom Culture lays the foundations for the teaching Graham Cooke and Jane Hansen Hoyt presented during International Council sessions in 2011.
    • Part 1: Identity - The Key to Transformation pdf icon_small
      This teaching on Establishing a Kingdom Culture: Identity – The Key to Transformation is taken from the teaching that Graham Cooke presented during International Council in 2011, Session 1. Knowing who you are and whose you are enables you to face each situation from a Heavenly point of view. This teaching is vital for your upgrade and will assist you in becoming a warrior, champion and global leader that is established on Kingdom principles.
    • Part 2: Demonstrating an Ascended Lifestyle pdf icon_small
      This teaching is another essential piece broken out of the first session of Council. As leaders in the Body of Christ we must live our lives in a way that causes it to be on earth as it is in Heaven. In Christ we are never overwhelmed by circumstances because all of our circumstances are hidden with us in Christ and He has never been overwhelmed. Learning to ask the right questions enables us to grow, look, and sound more like Jesus. Aglow is present on earth to demonstrate what it means to live an ascended lifestyle – seeing and living from Heaven’s point of view.
    • God is Not Angry pdf icon_small
      This teaching is a fun piece designed to cause us to arise to a new level as revelation comes to reveal the profound truth that God has placed us in Christ.
    • Putting on the New pdf icon_small
      When you accept Jesus into your life, you are accepting the fullness of all He did through His death, burial, and resurrection. That is good news! But it does not stop there. To fully grow and mature in the new man, the new creation that we are, we must put off the old man once and for all. This teaching is designed to help you leave the old man behind, dead and buried and rise up in the new man who became alive in Christ at the resurrection.
  • Session 2: Cultivating a Leadership Style pdf icon_small
    This transcript is from the 2nd session taught at the 2011 International Council. In Cultivating a Leadership Style, Graham Cooke asks 12 pivotal questions designed to engage leaders in every sphere of influence. Discover the primary roles of leadership. Discover how your in Christ identity attracts resources from Heaven. Discover that negative thoughts are really positive thoughts in disguise! The truths contained in this session are crucial for today’s leader who is called to impact their world.
    • Questions for Leader Self-Examination pdf icon_small
      During the 2011 International Council, Graham Cooke’s session on Cultivating a Leadership Style was filled with thought provoking truths every leader should prayerfully consider.  Each question in this document is designed to draw us into a more radiant expression of leadership.  Get ready to allow the Holy Spirit to open your heart to help you become a more brilliant leader.
    • Questions for Leader Self-Examination Talking Points pdf icon_small
      This is a companion piece for the instructor to use when facilitating a group(s) discussion after the group has gone through the questions individually or in a group setting.
  • Session 3 - Establishing a Breakthrough Communitypdf icon_small
    We are all in training for reigning. It does not matter whether your situation is good, bad or ugly. You are being equipped in every single situation that you face. What God is doing in all your circumstances is changing you from being a foot soldier to being a warrior and a champion - a man and a woman who has real substance in the Spirit. The one who knows the glory of God, knows the strength of God and understands the strength that is in joy alone.