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Welcome to Aglow! We love making new friends. We are the Global Headquarters for Aglow International and I am Aglow’s President. Let me tell you about our ministry and help get you started on a new adventure with Aglow International.

A Work of God Changing the World

This is a history-making time for Aglow. We are transforming into a company of champions, male & female, who won’t be deterred from advancing the Kingdom of God within us and on the earth. To learn more about who we are today, read my blog post, “What Exactly Does Aglow do?

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Explore the Possibilities

splash-webJust as we have for nearly 50 years, we are here to encourage your growth and expand your possibilities to make an impact in the world! Take a few minutes to explore the myriad possibilities in Aglow today from involvement in a local Lighthouse, Aglow conferences, Transformation trips, Aglow Generations, Aglow Global Prayer, Anti-Human Trafficking, Global Leader Development Resources, Men of Issachar, and more, there is a whole lot going on in Aglow! Since you are new, find out where you can jump in and start experiencing transformation! If you have been a part of Aglow and are returning after an absence, take a look around. You will probably find something new and exciting going on in Aglow!

Aglow Communications

Becoming a part of the Aglow family begins with relationship. How is that relationship forged? Through communication. Letters and emails are the primary way to get “in the know” and stay “in the know” about all that is happening within this ministry. To begin hearing from us, make sure we have your contact information, especially email address, to begin receiving communications from Aglow International. Go to and register for an online account, or call our Headquarters office (425.775.7282).

My blog, Jane Speaks and Letters from the President are key places on to read. Some additional important places to look include:

Two-Way ‘Street’

A relationship is a 2-way street, and we welcome hearing from you! We love to hear stories of what God is doing in people’s lives. You may have a question you want to ask us or perhaps you want to let us know what we are getting right and what we could do better. Other ways to communicate with us, in addition to commenting on Facebook or my blog, include:

  • Aglow Contact Page - to send us a comment or suggestion.
  • Tell Us Your Story” – How has Aglow impacted your life? Share your victories and who God has been for you in the challenges of life.
  • Call Aglow Headquarters (425.775.7282). The receptionist will field your questions and provide an answer or connect you with the right department.

We are excited about the prospect of having you on board with Aglow International. Thank you for taking time to come to our “house.” We look forward to having you join us in this fabulous journey!

Jane Hansen Hoyt
Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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