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Joy to the World

Joy to the World, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King!

As you have often heard me say, Christmas with all it brings, is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the lights. I love the sounds. I love the joy of being with friends and family and giving gifts. I love hearing hearts as we share over a meal, recalling the faithfulness of God throughout the generations.

Continued Faithfulness

2018 christmas greeting videoAs I have continued to process through my notes and have conversations with others that center around the messages we heard in Spokane, WA, my heart is continually overwhelmed by His Presence and His plans for Aglow worldwide.  

I want to bring a few points for you to ponder as we move toward a new year.  

  • Aglow is coming into a greater anointing to birth the purposes of God in the earth.
  • We will hear in advance what God wants to do and give birth to it.
  • A new weight of His Glory is coming to us.
  • If it is the truth that sets you free, it is a lie that holds you captive.
  • God has brought us out of an earth-bound spirituality into a Kingdom anointing where God is limitless toward us.
  • It is time for us to rise to a new level to lead the world into a whole new place.
  • Aglow is moving from being prayer warriors into being apostolic, prophetic watchmen.
  • God is bringing a reign of righteousness. For this to take root, there must be a removal of complacency.
  • Choices are of utmost importance.

The Coming New Year

My sense for 2019 is that it will be both difficult and brilliant. There will be trouble, but Christ in us has already overcome. God has been awakening us to the truth that Aglow is a great apostolic presence in the earth. We will be moving more fully into the plans God has for us in the earth.  

Our 50th year marked the end to a glorious past and we have stepped into a glorious future. During our U.S. National conference in Spokane this year, we sensed God underscoring what He had said to us in 2017.  When He repeats Himself, we must be particularly alert to all He is saying. He has built Aglow into an incredible company, a tribe who knows who God will be for us in every situation.  

We are not subject to the elements of the world. Hurricanes will come. Chaos will abound. Floods will take place. The earth will quake and, yet, you and I will be His Peace in the midst of it all. I encourage you to set your mind on things above and not on things on the earth for our life is hidden in Christ who is our all in all.

As we cross from 2018 into 2019, we must eliminate anything that would tether us to the old. Old mindsets. Old patterns of thinking. Old ways of behaving.  God is with us and continues to form us into a people who bear His image and show forth His likeness. Let every heart prepare Him room, and let us join together as both Heaven and nature sings…Joy to the World!

Merry Christmas!

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Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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