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2018 conf theme 3 72018 Leaders Summit Messages

  • Graham Cooke - Becoming an Heir of God  pdf icon small
    God is building a people who will be exactly the same, who will represent the Kingdom, who will represent the Three regardless of what the world is doing or not What God is talking us out of is incredible. What God is talking us in to is utterly astonishing. In LifeChangers, He talked us out of the old man into the new and He is still talking us into more of the new. You know that, that course was just the beginning. There is a lifestyle of having your life changed. Every day He is talking you out of negativity into something better. He is talking you out of your past into your future. He is talking you out of fear into being more perfectly loved.

2018 Conference Messages

  • Lance Wallnau - Friday AM Session pdf icon small
    In this session, Lance Wallnau expounds on President Trump being a Cyrus type ruler. Cyrus rulers will fake out the church and the church needs to recalibrate. God wants to release the glory of nations. There is a glory in nations. In the book of Revelation it comes up and it is the glory of nations and its kings. It is people that are going to be discovering their kingly identity. They are going to be the key characters that are going to unearth that Glory. People who are walking in their kingly identity are going to unearth the Glory in nations.
  • Dutch Sheets - Friday PM Session
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    In the Friday evening session Dutch Sheets spoke on taking down the giants in the land with 2 weapons, Everlast and Evergreen, representing eternal covenant. At the end of the message Dutch gave a powerful commissioning to Aglow to step into our place in The Third Great Awakening that is beginning to be seen in the earth today.
  • Chuck Pierce - Saturday Morning Session
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    In the Saturday morning session of the 2018 US National Conference Chuck talked about breaking out of conventional ways of thinking, harvest fields around the world, and the new day that is breaking for Aglow in our upgraded identity as apostolic prophetic women.
  • Dutch Sheets - Saturday Afternoon Session
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    In Dutch's afternoon message he covers 6 topics, hovering, birthing, watchmen, the fullness of time, waiting, and laying hold of things. We are a time where the Lord is ready to break off century-old, millennia strongholds and completely, radically, and fully transform nations.
  • Graham Cooke - Saturday Evening Session
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    We are in an unprecedented time together. Some of us have been training for this all our lives to live for something so profound, so enormous it dominates us. We become obsessed about the Goodness of God. This is a right time for us to step into this place because the world is in chaos but not us, never us. We are in the Kingdom. And His promise to us is, as He is, meaning Jesus, so are you in this world.

2018 Aglow Canada Jubilee Conference Messages