Jane's Letters

She gave... out of her poverty

Recently my attention was drawn to a small box that has been sitting on my desk for several months. It was a thoughtful gift given to me by Ezra Eini, a longtime friend in Israel. Ezra has been our main tour guide these many years that Aglow has traveled the Holy Land.

Jane Hansen HoytAs I reflect and meditate on what God has been saying to us in Aglow, I am struck with the clarity and power God has been speaking to us about the importance of His Presence.

At our 2019 Jerusalem Convocation in September, I shared that one of our IBOD members had recently asked me what I wanted in Aglow and I replied, "His Presence." And again, in a letter to you earlier this month I said, "Without God in our personal lives and in our meetings, we really have nothing."

With Gratitude

Recently, I was reading a scripture in one of my favorite books by Dr. A.W. Tozer, and it said:

My soul followeth hard after Thee. Thy right hand upholdeth me. ~Psalm 63:8 KJV

Tozer went on to say, The impulse to pursue God originates with God, but the outworking of that impulse is our following hard after Him. God is always previous.

A Turning Point

Jerusalem Convocation Wrap-Up From Jane

A few nights ago I was awakened in the darkened, wee hours of the morning with this empowering thought…

Have great expectation! There is something God wants to do that will bring huge breakthroughs, in a mixture of areas, in a multitude of lives all around you.

I immediately grabbed pen and paper to write down what I was hearing, so as not to lose the timeliness and exactness of His words.

Full Circle... Higher Level

Since our 50th Anniversary gathering in 2017, God has spoken to us in powerful ways, confirming a bright future. As I consider His promises to us, I want to remind you of a very powerful word that was spoken through Dutch Sheets at our 2018 U.S. National Conference about the hovering of the Holy Spirit.

Dutch said:

“This ministry is about to come into a greater anointing to birth. To give birth to the purposes of God in the earth.”

“The Holy Spirit is going to come and hover with His glory around you. He is going to hover, He is going to overshadow you, He is going to envelop you. He will plant the seed of the Son of God in you.”

“Luke 1:37 says, ‘For no word spoken by God is without power.’ I am saying to you what the angel said in Luke, ‘Holy Spirit is empowering those words and putting life in them and they will bring forth.’”

“The seed of My Word has life in it and when My Words are sown, they have the ability to reproduce. When My Word goes forth, Holy Spirit hovers around or releases His power with My Word and the two come together and now they are not just words they are life-words that begin to spring up and reproduce.”

His Word Will Not Fail

In the New Testament, God says, "My word is a seed." You are born again of incorruptible seed. Dutch explained that 'seed' is the word sperma. God is saying, "The seed of My Word has life in it and when My Words are sown, they have the ability to reproduce. When My Word goes forth, Holy Spirit hovers around or releases His power with My Word and the two come together and now, they are not just words, they are life-words that begin to spring up and reproduce." What a powerful, incredible truth!

Called to Provide - For Such a Time as This

Recently, Laurie Lischke and I wrote to you about our annual campaign to participate in A-Company. Read the full letter. This is about more than a sustained giving program, this is about fulfilling the word Dutch Sheets gave us at our 2018 U.S. National Conference: This is a year of birthing and Aglow has come into a greater anointing to deliver the purposes of God in the earth.

Because You Asked

Apostolic-Prophetic Watchman

To be apostolic means you carry a breaker anointing. It’s an anointing that sees into the future and breaks up what currently exists, kind of like an icebreaker (a special class of ships designed to break even the thickest of ice and make the way accessible.) You break open a way to move forward into the future and into the fullness of what God has called us to be.

Move Toward Victory

Move Toward Victory

At the beginning of this year, 2019, I had a strong sense that there would be a great battle raging between the power of evil and the Light Jesus brings to the world through us. We know that the power of evil loses but it doesn’t mean that the battle doesn’t become intense. We see it in the political realm and in nations that are struggling. I think of Venezuela and the challenges they are facing. It indeed is a time of battle and struggle and yet we are ever moving toward the victory that Jesus has declared over His people. He is going to show Himself strong in His Body internationally.

We ARE the Help God Has Sent

I just watched an interview Rowena Mondares, Communications Specialist in our Creative Services department, did with leaders of the Danville Community Lighthouse in Virginia, and a new friend of Aglow, Angie. This interview took place during the 2018 U.S. National Conference in Spokane, Washington.

First, Rowena does a fabulous job interviewing the ladies; I was so impressed with her questions. And, I enjoyed watching as she was overcome with emotion hearing firsthand what God is unfolding in Danville.