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  • Sound pdf icon_small
    A tree falls in the forest. Does it make a sound? Of course it makes a sound! Yet only those with an ear to hear are able to hear the sound of the falling tree. Proverbs talks about wisdom calling out to those passing by, yet only those with an ear to hear wisdom’s advice give heed. The same is true of everyone who listens intently for sounds from Heaven. Only those whose ears are open will hear.
    • God Builds Sound Within Aglow pdf icon_small
       From a cluster of words that began in 2003, it is clear to see how God has been building within us a sound to be released in the earth. It is a sound that brings right order in the earth realm. It is a sound that releases His glory in fullness for all to see.
    • Becoming Part of the Sound pdf icon_small
      So not only can singing move the Earth, singing can move Heaven. When God speaks to you prophetically, or any other way, He’s not saying what will be, but He’s creating what will be when He says it. That’s the new sound. There is the new song.
    • Seven Hebrew Words for Praise pdf icon_small