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2014 Conference Messages

  • Graham Cook - Prophetic Word - Saturday PM Session pdf icon_small
    In the Saturday Evening session Graham prophecies into our Lighthouses, homes, businesses, and places of work. Wherever you do business with humanity, take this prophecy and read it, pray it out. It is time for a world beating, supernatural power to rise up in the earth and take her place and rule and reign in the name of Jesus and displace the enemy in your locality.
  • Graham Cooke - Intimacy, the Source of Power - Sunday AM Message pdf icon_small
    It is very important for us to understand that ‘Carry His Presence’ is not just a Conference. It is a statement about the lifestyle that we intend to lead from this time forth. It is a statement about who we are that everyone around the earth is going to know that Aglow carries the Presence of God.
  • Graham Cooke - Prophetic Word - Sunday AM Session pdf icon_small
    We must learn a different language, a different perception, and a different mindset to walk in the full truth of the magnificent life God has planned for us. This prophetic word spoken by Graham Cooke expounds of how to walk in the high places with Him sitting “far, far above” enjoying the view.