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Aglow Logo Guidelines

The Aglow logo is a registered trademark. To protect the integrity of our trademark, it may be used only for Aglow purposes and must be reproduced in the terra-cotta orange color (Pantone 159), or in black or white.

What does that mean exactly? You may use it for publicity purposes (i.e., an Aglow meeting flyer, an Aglow newsletter, etc.) You should use only the official registered logo on items like these. Aglow’s logo cannot be used in conjunction with personal ministry or for the purpose of personal gain.

Before using it on any item you produce to sell, including stationery, cookbooks or other books, clothing or accessories (i.e. key chains, mugs, etc.) special permission must be given. Contact your national Aglow leaders with details of your project and they will request the necessary permission from Aglow headquarters.

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Aglow International Official Logo - High Resolution, Color
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Aglow International Official Logo - Black and White
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