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In Richmond, VA the Lord spoke to us in powerful, confirming ways, calling us to come higher and to see as He sees. We sensed His assurances for the future as He re-mantled us, recommissioned us, and set us out once again to do His bidding.

He Holds the Future in His Hands

As the U.S. family of Aglow gathered in Spokane, WA, we wondered what the Lord had stored up for us and we were not disappointed! He revealed His plans for us from the beginning until the end. Truly He is the Alpha and the Omega! He is the One who holds the future in His hands. 

While it has been just a few weeks since the Spokane gathering, I have listened again to significant points that were spoken to us through Graham Cooke, Dutch Sheets, and Chuck Pierce. Each of them continues to pour into Aglow, the words given by the Holy Spirit that have confirmed and affirmed the direction God has given the International Board of Directors which has shaped and molded our identity in the earth.

This year, we were blessed to have Lance Wallnau with us. My path has crossed several times throughout the years with Lance and I was surprised to hear him tell of his expectations of someday speaking at an Aglow conference.

It is ironic that the name of this conference is what it is because, for years, I have had a connection with Aglow and have been watching you. You are part of my tribe. We overlap and I knew that at some point we would meet and I would speak. In asking the Lord about it, He assured me that it would come about at the right time. I did not realize that He literally meant that He would bring it to pass at The Right Time conference. Lance Wallnau

The theme for the conference – The Right Time, was taken from a phrase that Dutch Sheets spoke to us last year about the Gate Beautiful – the right time gate. I was so aware that what God began in Richmond in 2017, He would continue to unfold for us this year because He has raised Aglow up in the earth for His own purpose and His own namesake.

He Who Began a Good Work

I opened the conference with several testimonies from scripture that enforce the truth of God’s faithfulness to His people and the ‘right time’ of His intervention in their lives. While it may seem that there are times of divine delays in response to our prayers, the reality is that He always honors His own name and nature. Think about the fact that there was a 13 year period of time from the promise to Abraham and Sarah regarding a son, to the fulfillment of that promise. The bent over woman with the spirit of infirmity for 18 years in Luke 13 show us the thread of His reliability and constancy found throughout scripture. God who has begun a good work through Aglow can be counted faithful to see it through.

Great is His Faithfulness

The holiday season is upon us. There will be many times of gathering with family and friends to celebrate the things we are grateful for.

I am grateful for God’s faithfulness to me, personally, and to the ministry of Aglow around the world. I am grateful for the way He has kept us through the years and for the ways He continues to press us into the greater role He has for us in the earth. I will speak more about that in communications to come. For now, enjoy this time of blessing with your family.

With a grateful heart,

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Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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