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I wish I could sit with you individually and have a chat. I love to hear people’s heart. I love hearing where each one is in their journey forward.

This has been a most interesting season of time with various situations taking place in our lives.

It is comforting to know that we are not alone, but surrounded by one another’s love, encouragement, and prayers.

My heart goes out to those among us who are dealing with personal illness, family illness, tragedies, and other ongoing situations that might keep a “normal” person down, but not this group! I love the way we just keep rising to meet every challenge with a determined desire to see God’s Glory manifested.

The Year of Faith

Together, we greet the new year, 2019. The number nineteen is the number of FAITH!!

I have sensed the Lord saying to me that in 2019 we will see an increase in both light and darkness. Each will be more pronounced. The light will shine brightly and the darkness will become more dense.

I also sense there will be something serious occurring in the United States this next year, but we are to guard our hearts against fear. He is with us and is increasing the territory under our feet.

Just keep walking forward in both alignment and authority; alignment with Heaven and with each other. The increased authority will flow out of increased relationship. Walk in faith. Explore faith. Let faith increase.

I also believe that Aglow’s presence in Jerusalem for the 2019 Convocation is of great importance. As you are aware, when I heard the Spirit speak Jerusalem to me I didn’t hear beyond that. I just know that Aglow is to be there in 2019.

The Convocation will mark the beginning of the third year that Chuck Pierce spoke to us about in 2017 in Richmond. As we move from the Convocation into the year 2020, 20 stands for REDEMPTION. It will be a breakthrough year!

The Number of Faith

It is interesting to note that while the number 19 is the number of faith, that there are nineteen different persons referred to in Hebrews 11:1-32

  1. We (The Body of Christ) - Hebrews 11:3
  2. Abel – verse 4
  3. Enoch – verse 5
  4. Noah – verse 7
  5. Abraham – verse 8-10 and 17-19
  6. Sarah – verse 11
  7. Isaac – verse 20
  8. Jacob – verse 21
  9. Joseph – verse 22
  10. Moses – verse 23, 29
  11. Joshua – verse 30
  12. Rahab – verse 31
  13. Gideon – verse 32
  14. Barak – verse 32
  15. Samson – verse 32
  16. Jephthae – verse 32
  17. David – verse 32
  18. Samuel – verse 32
  19. The Prophets – verse 32

Enoch is number 3, the number for RESURRECTION, the Divine number. Enoch’s translation foreshadows the translation of the living at the rapture.

Abraham is listed with number five, which represents GRACE. He and his seed are to be heirs by grace.

Jacob who is number eight, which is the number for the NEW BIRTH, was the second born of twins. This represents the SECOND BIRTH or the NEW BIRTH.

Joseph is found in number nine, representing the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT in Galatians 5:22-23.

David is the SEVENTEENTH listed in the heroes of faith. This is the number for VICTORY. David was victorious over all his enemies. (II Samuel 7:1).

Hebrews 11:3 says it is, “through faith, we UNDERSTAND that the worlds were framed by the word of God.”

Romans 1:29-31 Paul charges sinful men with 23 things. The NINETEENTH charge brought against them is being “without UNDERSTANDING.”


The word faith is not found again in the Book of Romans until Romans 9:30 when Paul is contrasting Israel’s blindness with the FAITH of the Gentiles.

Walk by Faith

I close with this word from Romans 1:17, “The just shall live by faith!”

This is a season of rising in faith, which means there will also be things in our lives that cause our faith to grow.

I can see you standing taller from here!

Love to all,

jane hansen hoyt R
Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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