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  • The Majesty of God pdf icon_small
    The purpose of this session on the majesty of God is to help us see God with new eyes.  This session is designed to begin a revelation that will help restore us to our rightful place in the kingdom by seeing who God really is – seeing, experiencing, and knowing the vastness of His greatness and His majesty, His kindness and His goodness.  In order to be the company, the tribe, the prototype in the earth that is needed for the end times, we must allow Him to expand in us who He is. As we behold His majesty, we will be forever changed.  What an exciting journey!
    • God’s Goodness pdf icon_small
      We must understand the very basic concept brought forth by Psalm 34:8.  O taste and see that the Lord is good. We must taste and see that God is good.  And once our eyes are opened to the goodness of God, we must turn and share that goodness with everyone we meet.
    • God's Faithfulness pdf icon_small
      Faithfulness implies stability, steadiness, certainty, and permanence.  Faithfulness exudes from a place that is firmly established with endurance.  Faithfulness is unchanging.  Faithfulness never wavers.  Faithfulness is a foundation that can be safely built upon with no concern for changes in the future.  Faithfulness is a sure deal.
    • God's Love pdf icon_small
      I Corinthians 14:1 compels us to pursue love. And if God is love, then we must pursue Him. Love is the essence of God‟s nature. Not only does He love, He is love. He is the source of love. His love is unchanging, free, spontaneous, and undeserved.
    • King of Glory pdf icon_small
      The word glory means “to recognize someone for who he really is”. When we give God glory, it means we live in full recognition of who He is. Our life purpose is to love the Lord, to bring Him glory, and to display His glory in the earth.