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The truths contained in GameChangers and LifeChangers are best processed together in a group. We have developed guidelines for a facilitator who wants to gather a group of friends to begin this journey together and either watch the DVDs or listen to the CDs.

We have also developed guidelines for a facilitator to use to further help those in the group to process through the truths they are hearing by phone.

Our suggestion is that you watch the DVD, then break it down into 3 different segments and rewatch. Using the manual, underline or highlight places that are meaningful to you, as well as, places where you have questions. Expect to have instances where the truths in the material bump up against old mindsets or ways of seeing things. We are learning to see ourselves and others as Heaven sees us and them!  

One of the most powerful tools are the assignments that follow each session. Use the questions to dig out your identity! Work thought them to find new ways of seeing and thinking. Feel yourself becoming the person God sees every time He looks at you!  

In truth, GameChangers and LifeChangers is not a task to be completed, but a lifestyle to be lived. Build a relational group to talk through the places you have highlighted or have questions about. You will find that as others are processing their thoughts aloud, you will be learning, too. Form solid friendships built around your God given identity. Be known on earth by your friends as you are known in Heaven.

Enjoy this journey!



Check out these new resource materials for processing groups. As you come together as teams or groups of friends, use these short teachings to stimulate conversation that will bring enlightenment and personal growth to all who participate.