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We are coming into alignment!

When our International Board of Directors met, they discussed ways that the global ministry of Aglow could come into alignment in greater ways, and were led specifically to the area of Aglow membership. Through prayer and discussion they realized that in the area of membership, we had become 170 separate entities that, if united, would bring Aglow into a spiritual unity as well as a provisional unity.

Become a Global Partner Now! (or renew your partnership)

Download the Global Partnership flyer pdf

Global Partnership connects all nations in the global family of Aglow for the first time since our birth in 1967. It is an exciting day!

Aglow is a Kingdom community that is marching forward in establishing a Kingdom culture in the earth.  

Here is how Global Partnership works in the US

  1. The annual fee for Global Partnership in the United States is $30 as set by the United States Leadership Team.  
  2. The Partnership will run for one full year from the day the fee is received at the Headquarters office in Edmonds, WA.
  3. Each Global Partner will receive a Global Partner card. (Card will arrive with 6-8 weeks.)

Global Partners are Enlisted Partners

By becoming a Global Partner, you are taking a giant step to acknowledge your commitment to the vision that God has given Aglow. Your annual fee goes into the general treasury which supports the Apostolic vision center of the ministry where we are working to prepare a people who are a visual aid of who God is in the earth.

Here are a few ways this is transpiring:

  • Personal development programs like GameChangers and LifeChangers
  • Transformation trips which provide training while ministering in the nations of the world
  • Strategic prayer networks connecting over 1 million seasoned intercessors globally that speak with authority into current world issues
    • Weekly prayer calls
    • Urgent global prayer calls initiated by Aglow’s President/CEO
  • Enrichment opportunities that present Biblical perspectives on
    • Men and women walking in dominion as first mentioned  (Genesis 1:27-28)
    • The spirit behind the system of Islam while loving the Muslim people  (I Peter 4:8)
    • Standing as Israel and the Jewish people through annual prayer and education trips and Watchmen on the Wall seminars (Romans 11:17-25)
  • Vision casting conferences

Videos About Aglow

Won’t you enlist? Become a new Global Partner or renew your Global Partnership today. Contact your local Team today for more details!