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2017 Leaders Summit Messages

  • Graham Cooke - Wednesday, Session 1 pdf icon small
    God is building a people who will be exactly the same, who will represent the Kingdom, who will represent the Three regardless of what the world is doing or not doing. It is really important that every one of us has a personal identity in the Majesty of God.
  • Graham Cooke - Wednesday, Session 2 pdf icon small
    In this session Graham talks about the anatomy of overcoming because we are heading into territory that is bigger than us. We are heading into an experience of the Kingdom that is truly massive.

2017 Jubilee Conference Messages

  • Barbara Yoder Friday PM Message - (Watch on YouTube you tube icon)
  • Chuck Pierce - Saturday AM Session
    (Download the PDF pdf icon smallWatch on YouTube you tube icon)
    In Chuck's Saturday morning message he talked about the timing that we are living in, what God is saying, what He is doing, and how it applies to Aglow globally as we enter the assignments of our new season.
  • Dutch Sheets - Saturday PM Session pdf icon small
    Dutch expounds on  the four words that have to do with time. Chronos - a general season of time, Kairos - a Strategic Time and window of opportunity, Horaios - the right time, and Pleroma - the fullness of time. Just as God positioned David, we are the ones positioned in this hour to stand for God, and with God, for how He would counter what the enemy wants to do.
  • Graham Cooke - Sunday AM Session
    (Download a PDF pdf icon smallWatch on YouTube you tube icon)
    In the Sunday morning session, Graham expounds on how prophecy is the Word of God proceeding now. Therefore, it puts us on high alert propelling us into a relationship with Jesus as the Living Word. When we receive that word, it becomes part of us and it forms our identity and a new nature. We must proclaim that new part of our nature in Christ that is being established.

2017 Southwest Coastal Regional Rally

  • Jane Hansen Hoyt: Friday PM Session pdf icon small
    The theme of this conference was Answering the Call in a Jubilee Year. Jane expounds on the words spoken over Aglow through the years that have brought us to this place, and the upgrade we are receiving in our 50th year. Aglow is receiving the boldness and the courage that has come from Heaven to fill up His people so that we might fulfill His end-time purposes.