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  • Dominion pdf icon_small
     As God’s representatives on earth, we walk in authority that He has given to us through Christ’s completed work on the cross. This authority, purchased by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, gives us the right to reign and rule on earth as it is in Heaven.
    • Rise Up pdf icon_small - Powerpoint Presentation ppt sml
      As we have looked back and understood the ways God has led the ministry forward, it is astounding to see how He has spoken to us with increased intentionality and purpose. Each year has built upon the previous year.
    • Power to Influence Thought pdf icon_small
      In previous sessions on dominion, we learned that the definition of authority is the power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior. Throughout the history of the ministry of Aglow, leaders have walked in authority in various ways. Decade after decade by way of messages, training sessions, workshops, seminars, mandates, prayer strategies, and other ways too numerous to mention, Aglow has consistently and quietly walked in Heaven’s delegated authority influencing thought, opinions, and behavior.
    • Reigning With Authority pdf icon_small
      Those in Aglow, as well as the Body of Christ, have been walking, moving, and participating in spiritual authority or dominion since the day they first believed and accepted Jesus into their hearts. Calling in finances, calling in leaders, praying for governmental leaders, praying during times of crisis, and calling in the lost, God has shown forth His power through countless answers to prayer.