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  1. What does A-Company mean?

    “A” comes from Aglow.  “Company” is for the great company of women and men who are committed to strengthen and grow the ministry.  People of A-Company are committed to monthly financial giving.

  2. Why should I become a member of A-Company?

    Like David, a mighty man of war, those in A-Company are first to answer the call and to quickly run into battle. They understand the importance of sacrifice and have the desire to see it be done on earth as it is in heaven. If your heart rises in expectation of all God can accomplish through A-Company, then this is the place for you.

  3. Is there a minimum amount that I need to commit to give each month?

    You commit to give a monthly minimum of $10 or more.

  4. Can I give more than $10 each month?

    You can give as much as the Lord directs you to give.

  5. I already give $10 or more each month.  Am I already a member of A-Company?

    Membership is voluntary, not automatic. If you would like to convert your monthly giving to A-Company, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 425.775.7282. It’s that simple!

  6. In the past, I have given quarterly or sent in an occasional one-time gift that exceeds $10 a month.  Can I still do this and be a part of A-Company?

    A-Company was designed to build a strong, monthly giving base, so that we are better able to plan regular support for those vital ministries within the Aglow ministry. While we encourage you to consider monthly giving, any gift at any time is a blessing. If you have special circumstances where a quarterly or yearly gift is more feasible for you, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  7. If I become a part of A-Company and my monthly commitment is $30 or higher, can my annual $30 Global Partner investment be taken out of my A-Company gift?

    A-Company and Global Partnership are two separate giving opportunities. Not all A-Company members will be Global Partners. Not all Global Partners will be A-Company members. MANY Aglow women and men are BOTH because they have signed up for BOTH.

  8. How do I become a part of A-Company?

    By debit card, by credit card or by AFT (Automatic Fund Transfer) from your checking or savings account. (Giving by AFT or recurring gift from your credit card saves the ministry time and money.)  Next, complete the response form on the A-Company envelope and send it to the Worldwide Headquarters.

  9. Why should I set up automatic payment of my monthly commitment gift?

    Automatic payments accomplish 2 things. They make it easier to fulfill your commitment as the transaction takes place automatically each month on the date you indicate. Automatic payments also reduce the number of manual transactions that the finance office handles each day. This saves money, thus releasing additional funds for ministry.

  10. How do I set up automatic payments?

    We can do that for you. Simply provide your credit/debit card information by phone, or mail a voided check to set up AFT (Automatic Fund Transfer) from your checking or savings account.

  11. Can I send in my monthly check myself?

    Yes, you can. However, we prefer that you would use automatic payments.

  12. Are my monthly gifts through A-Company tax deductible?

    In most instances, yes. Consult your tax advisor regarding your personal circumstances.

  13. What is accomplished by my being part of A-Company?

    You become intentional and proactive with God to help fulfill prophetic words spoken over this ministry. Your monthly giving assures our ability to commit regular resources to:

    • Motivate and equip a passionate army of individuals sharing the gospel of Jesus in over 170 nations
    • Help plant Aglow groups in every city, in every nation of the world
    • Develop and strengthen one of the largest prayer networks in the world
    • Develop leaders all over the world who display the image of Jesus and model the character of God
    • Equip and release the next generations of Aglow.
  14. Can I designate my gift for a specific program, like Israel, Islam or Generations?

    Those gifts, by law, go into “restricted” funds. Your gift “where most needed” (General Fund) will give Aglow the most flexibility to respond to ministry opportunities and needs including Israel, Islam and Generations.

  15. If I give $10 a month to my local Lighthouse, does that qualify me for A-Company?

    A-Company gifts must be sent to Headquarters, where they will be applied to Aglow International’s General Fund, to support Aglow’s ministry as a whole.

  16. How do I help recruit new Global Partners or A-Company members, and why do you want me to?

    The most persuasive way of getting people involved in an activity is word of mouth.  Inviting those you know to become a part of Aglow through event attendance, Global Partnership, and A-Company participation is one of the best ways to strengthen both Aglow and the spiritual walk of those you invite.  Call Aglow International at 425.775.7282 and we will provide you with brochures to help you enlist others.

  17. Can men and teenagers become a part of A-Company?

    Yes. Anyone who has passion and who can commit to a monthly minimum gift of $10 can be a part of A-Company. Each person must make their own individual commitment.

If you have any more questions, or if your question was not fully answered above,
feel free to contact Aglow International at (425) 775-7282.