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Unveiling the System…Loving the People!

Watch the videoGod has given Aglow International a mandate for the Muslim people, one-fifth of the world population. These followers of the Islamic religion have never known the love of our Father. They are without Christ and therefore without hope. They have no forgiveness of sin and no real assurance of salvation and eternal life.

A mandate is an authoritative order or command, a commission. It also means to entrust, to put into one’s hand. As the ministry of Aglow, we are privileged to be called and commissioned by God to co-labor with Him on behalf of the Muslim people. He has placed this mandate in our hands.

A) 1991

God spoke powerfully at our Aglow International Conference in 1991 in Orlando, Florida:

For you have seen the great darkness and yea, you have said it is a formidable enemy and how shall we penetrate that darkness? For yea, it cloaks the nations, it cloaks the Muslim nations and you say to Me, ‘O Lord my God, those religious beliefs are ingrained and woven into the very fabric of their being and yet, shall they be free?’ And I say unto you tonight, yes, they shall be free. For as it takes only one thread to unravel a garment so shall I unravel the garment of Islam, even as I have unraveled the garment of communism in this hour. Yea, My people, I cry unto you, lay hold of that thread in My power and My might, and we shall disrobe the garment of Islam,” saith the Lord.

In Mantled with Authority, our President, Jane Hansen Hoyt commented:

When I think of the garment of Islam, I think of the burqa, a garment worn by many Muslim women, covering them from head to foot. It is physically, and in a spiritual sense, like a shroud. TIME magazine called it a “body bag for the living.” God began to‛ unravel’ that shroud by showing the world in a very powerful way the condition imposed upon women by a system.

B) 1993

At our 1993 International Conference, Steve Penny, one of the speakers from Australia, confirmed the word from 1991:

I don’t know what happened in 1991 in your Aglow convention, but Jane, I feel the Lord has given me a word for you. In 1991 something of God’s purpose for this ministry was sown into your hearts by the Word of the Lord. Conception took place. Something fresh…something new…something for the ministry began to bubble. This was a new hour for the ministry of Aglow. I feel like the word for this conference is that which is being conceived–is being confirmed by the Spirit of God. Hasn’t yet come to birth. I believe that in a couple of years ahead, there will be a birthing of the things that have been seeded into your hearts, but at this conference, the Spirit of God is confirming, ‘This is what I’m doing. This is My plan.’

C) 1995

A couple of years later, our 1995 International Conference, speaker Rick Joyner, reconfirmed the Islam word when he said:

Now I want to give you an invitation from Him also–an invitation, I believe, to Aglow. I believe it comes directly from the Lord: The Lord will give you Islam if you will take it.

Aglow’s Response to God’s Mandate since 1991

In prayer:

Aglow established ministry-wide prayer thrusts toward the Muslim nations via Prayer Alerts, letters to the field, and e-mail communications from Worldwide Headquarters; ministry-wide prayer and Ramadan prayer.

  • Strategic leaders took prayer journeys into Kuwait, Egypt, Israel, and Turkey.
  • We established a Strategic Prayer Force and S.WI.F.T. Teams specifically related to Islam.
  • We created a tri-fold brochure, How to Pray for the Muslim People, and distributed it to the field.
  • We a hold weekly conference prayer call, praying specifically for our mandates; Islam and Israel. We have 75 to 100 intercessors on each call, and reports are then sent to more than 2,000 around the world.

In education:

  • Aglow leadership has educated themselves through seminars and strategic meetings with those knowledgeable in ministry to Muslims, including a consultant who is a former Muslim.
  • We appointed an Islam Education Director to lead the ministry’s Islam mandate.
  • We educated Aglow through resource materials, CDs and DVDs sent to leaders.
  • Meetings are held at Aglow conferences and Islamic Awareness Seminars held in many states in the U.S., Australia, Canada and nations in Europe and Africa.
  • We established “I” Coordinators in every region in the U.S., Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, as well as the development of a training manual for coordinators that has been distributed internationally.

In outreach:

  • Aglow has held strategic prayer walks and outreaches in Dearborn, Michigan, which has the most significant Muslim population of any U.S. city and London, England, 2nd highest concentration of Muslims in Europe.
  • Aglow helped produce more than 150 television programs in Arabic geared to Muslims. These programs are aired via several satellites in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and by live streaming and internet around the world. In addition, the program reaches 12 million homes in North America by satellite, public access and Christian TV. These programs continue to have great response at our Response Center from a potential audience of more than 120 Arabic million households on Arabic TV.
  • Aglow members around the world continue to reach out to Muslims in their nations.

Aglow has seen an increase of ministry activity in Muslim nations

  • Prior to 1991, Aglow was active in 8 Muslim nations.
  • Since 1991, Aglow has become affiliated in 36 Muslim nations.
  • In nations throughout the world Aglow men and women continue to reach out to their Muslim sisters and brothers with the healing, restoring love of Jesus Christ.

This “THREAD” God has given to Aglow is so powerful that if we let the Lord open our eyes and respond to the opportunities He is giving us – the strongholds over minds will continue to be broken. The incredible light of Christ WILL break and dispel the power of darkness. It is exciting that Muslims are coming to Christ in an unprecedented way. In fact, world mission organizations report that more Muslims have come to Christ in the past 10 years than the first 1400 years of Islam! Continue to stand with our Lord on their behalf, pray . . . and watch God “unravel the garment” of Islam.