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aglow 2013 conference bugProphetic Word given by Graham Cooke

Conference Messages

  • Aglow: A Key Role to Play in the End Times: Jane Hansen Hoyt - Friday AM Session pdf icon small
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    The Friday morning session was an awesome gathering of World Changers - World Changers who are arising globally, World Changers who are radiant with the love and the life of Jesus. Aglow is a transformational Kingdom culture whose mindsets are not of this world. We are people who live Heaven to earth and we are bringing Heaven to earth.
  • Unprecedented Favor: Graham Cooke - Sunday AM Session pdf icon small
    It is so important for us as a prayer movement to step up to a higher dimension of what a persistent, favor-filled, faith-filled prayer is really all about. This is the time of our rising into the favor of God, into the Goodness of God, into an understanding that I am favored in such a remarkable way that God can take the little that I have and expand it and increase it as I put it into His hand.