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logo conference 20122012 Conference Messages

  • Jane Hansen Hoyt 10-4-2012 Opening Session pdf icon_small
    There is a quickening spirit, a fresh anointing. There is something that is taking place in us personally and in us corporately as we have been awakened to the depths of the Kingdom - to the depths of the gospel of the Kingdom and the enormity, the limitless possibilities of the life that has been deposited in us, the life of Christ.
  • Graham Cooke 10-5-2012 AM Session - Getting Our Story Straight pdf icon_small
    Our identity crisis started in the Garden of Eden when the serpent deceived Eve and down through time, he has sought to keep us from getting our story straight. When Christ went to the cross, He clothed Himself with mankind.  He did not simply die for us, He died as us! Each one of us hung there with Him. In death we went to the grave and the old us was buried. In life, the new us rose from the grave with victory! Daily we are to walk in that newness of life. We are to explore what it means to have another chance in life as one whose life is hidden with Christ in God.
    • Getting Our Story Straight Part 1 pdf icon_small
      This lesson is a companion piece to a message, Getting Our Story Straight. Refer to the transcript of the message as you study for individual growth or prepare to mentor others. As we establish Kingdom communities around the earth, it is necessary that we view ourselves as Heaven views us. It is imperative that we see ourselves as citizens of a Heavenly Kingdom who are bringing the fullness of that Kingdom to earth.
    • Getting Our Story Straight Part 2 pdf icon_small
      This part 2 lesson is a companion piece to a message, Getting Our Story Straight. The world does not define who we are as citizens of Heaven. We are defined by Heaven’s view of us. Part of reinforcing Heaven’s view of us is daily proclamations. We speak over ourselves in alignment with what Heaven is saying. We declare who Heaven sees us to be. We walk purposefully and intentionally in our God-given identity.
  • Graham Cooke 10-5-2012 PM Session - First Love pdf icon_small
    Before anything was made, there was the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And the love between the Father and Son was so awesome, so profound that They were compelled to share it with someone. They wanted to create someone - a people group that could stand in the middle between the Father and the Son and be absolutely filled with Their devotion to each Other. They wanted to create a people group that could occupy the space between the Father and the Son, so that how the Father saw the Son, that people group could experience that.
  • Graham Cooke 10-6-2012 AM Session - New Man Focus pdf icon_small
    When the Kingdom is not central to who we are and how we live, then all we have is church and church by itself is not credible without the Kingdom. One of the things we feel is a really important assignment in terms of how we progress into the future is that it is absolutely essential for us to get closure on the old man. We are learning to get closure on the old thing – old nature - and to walk in newness of life and enjoy the fact that we have a whole new set of possibilities now. We are not dealing with negatives. We are dealing with the possibilities of the Kingdom.