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Everybody knows McDonald’s Restaurant. The “golden arches” franchises of McDonald’s can be found all over the world. It is truly an international corporation.

An interesting comparison can be drawn between Aglow International and McDonald’s if we apply “corporate language” to Aglow.

Aglow is an international corporation that has franchises in over 170 nations. Aglow is governed by a multi-national International Board of Directors that sit at the head of a corporation that is valued at $60 million annually (based on the finances raised and spent in the name of Aglow as well as the value of volunteer leadership hours). This corporation has over 3800 individual franchises with over 80 separate national leadership teams. Approximately 17,000 volunteer managers (leaders) give oversight to these franchises that have more than a million volunteer employees (members). It is estimated that each year at least 17 million “customers” receive goods, services, ministry, the gospel, and prayer through the activities of the “Network of Caring Women” franchises.

It is conservatively estimated that over one million intercessors can be mobilized within a 2-3 day time frame.

The Worldwide Headquarters of Aglow International located in Edmonds, WA, USA, employs around 20 employees. The annual budget of the Worldwide Headquarters is approximately $3 million, or 5% of 60 million. When the ministry expenses are separated from the management and general expenses, the annual administrative expense is approximately 2 ½% of the annual 60 million raised and spent in Aglow worldwide.