Jane Hansen Hoyt – Thursday PM Session

It is good to be with you again. It is wonderful to see all my friends in Europe. How many were in Indianapolis (USA)? It was a great conference. It was a unique conference and I believe it was a time when God was doing something unique between Messianic Jews, Muslim Background Believers and Gentiles.

God did something very powerful and I believe this link-up of three key leaders is for the advancement of His Kingdom and will unfold in the days ahead. We love Asher and Betty and his team, and we understand that God has linked us together, heart-to-heart in covenant relationship for such a time as this.

Aglow's Immoveable Stand With Israel

stand with israel webThis is a very timely conference. God has gathered us together for such a time as this – as one. We have known His call upon our lives and upon this ministry really from its inception but it has evolved over these 48 years. As we see the times change and we see the rise of the anti-Christ spirit in the earth, we realize in a more intentional-focused way how timely the call was.

Aglow was birthed in 1967, the same year Jerusalem was reunified as a city. With the progression of events in our own ministry and in the world, you realize, God has had His hand in our back the whole time. It makes me think of the scripture in Habakkuk, Chapter 1, where it says, Look among the nations and watch. Be utterly astounded for I will work a work in your day that you would not believe though it were told you.

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I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Psalm 16:8

What a word! I scanned through David Wilkerson’s word that he published in 1985. It was a word of warning to the Body of Christ and really to America as to the balance of being prepared, knowing who we are, knowing who God is in us and the fact that He maintains our lot, which really goes along with what you were feeling about a place of safety and security.

To complete that thought about ridding yourself of the intoxication of the world that you might know how to pray. We do this so that our prayers are not a mixture of worldly thinking or of self-focus, desires, and purposes so that we really are finding ourselves aligned with Heaven and what Heaven intends to do in the earth at this time. As we align with the purposes of God and pray in accord with that, He maintains our personal life. All of that gets taken care of.

Then David Wilkerson went on to speak about being in tune with what God is doing - which is part of what Asher Intrater brought to us in Indianapolis. I reviewed Asher’s message a couple of times – just the transcript, and he made many significant statements.