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Diwaniya is an Oprah-style program that discusses many cultural, family, and women’s issues that are taboo in Islamic culture.

The Diwaniya - The Rest of the Story, TV Series started airing in 2000 prior to 9/11. The program is specifically designed for Arab Muslim women throughout the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and North America by presenting the Gospel of Christ in a culturally sensitive manner.

Diwaniya SetWatch a sample episode Statistically, almost as many men contact the program as women.  A major reason for the program’s broad appeal is that the program – in its Oprah style format – discusses many cultural, family, and women’s issues that are taboo subjects not discussed in Islamic culture (e.g., physical abuse, sexually transmitted disease, homosexuality, singleness.

Within the context of each program the Gospel is presented. Those interested may contact the information center by phone, email, mail or text message.  Upon request viewers will receive, program CDs or DVDs, Bibles, study materials, counseling, salvation presentation, connected with church or Aglow, and prayer. The vast majority of those contacting the program are Muslim. The six countries with the highest responses are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, and Lebanon. See below for a list of episodes to watch.

Diwaniya TV Series

Episodes 101-152 | Episodes 153-198 | Episodes 200-253

Diwaniya Testimonies

Jordan - I Have Big Problems! 
I am a 28 year old single girl.  The Rest of the Story is a wonderful program.  I have benefited much.  I have big problems I cannot find answers for and I beg you to pray to your God to help me.  Thank you
 - Ambeer
Egypt- Law Student Requests Information
I’m a student from the Law University. Thank you very much for this program because it discusses difficult subjects truthfully and in rightness.  You provide important knowledge about neglected subjects.  Because of my course of study, this information is very important and helpful – and helps me provide answers to many questions asked.  I am interested in helping people find answers and happiness.  Thank you to please send the DVDs on these subjects. 
 - Raymond
Support for Abusive Relationship
I suffer a lot of verbal abuse and bad treatment from my husband.  I can’t tolerate it anymore.  I felt God was not answering my prayers.  Then, I saw your program on this subject (rape and sexual abuse) and your program gave me hope.  The lady, Wafaa Louiz, also suffered great abuse and was able to overcome the abuse.  I would like to talk with her or someone who can give me advice and help me overcome my abuse.  Thank you a lot.
 - Racha