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Touching the world

Aglow believes in the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus said, Go ye into all the world, He was talking about us, the bearers of His image, taking the news of His transforming power to people who do not yet know it.  He was talking about radical, down-to-the-bone-marrow change in the nature of the human being. That’s transformation!

Transformation teams travel to various nations and cities within the U.S. to bring transformation to the people in villages, towns, and cities. Working alongside pastors in communities they bring life-changing outreaches, conferences, Bible studies, children’s ministry, etc. They see the power of God in innumerable miracles of healing the spirit and the body.

If you are yearning to make a difference in your family, community, or nation or are a part of an international team on an Aglow outreach, we are waiting to hear from you.  Don't wait to be asked.  Contact the Transformation Department which is the evangelism and discipleship pillar of Aglow International.

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What’s new about evangelism in Aglow? It’s a foundational pillar upon which we build life. So what about it can be new?

  1. You and I. That’s what can be new in Aglow. How each one of us defines evangelism and discipleship in our personal lives is changing.

When I came forward in a church to give my life to Jesus, I had been attending the church for probably a year. When I came up to that pastor that morning, He said, “I have looked and looked for you month after month, and finally I stopped looking and here you are.”

It’s time to ask ourselves, Have we stopped actively, intentionally looking with expectancy for others to come to Jesus?

The Holy Spirit hasn’t. I’m proof of that! Read the full blog from Janet Mangum.