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As Graham Cooke closed out his message in Richmond, VA with a prophetic word for us, he referred to me as the keeper of the prophetic keys. It is from the prophetic keys surrounding finances that I want to speak to you from in this letter.

We know that identity is the key to transformation.

  • Resources come because of identity.
  • Promises are realized because of identity.
  • Your needs are met because of identity.
  • Your inheritance is granted because of identity.

All kinds of provisions come to you because of your identity. So, aligning with those prophetic words that speak of our identity has become extremely important to us. In fact, Graham has said to us that every identity has cash attached to it! And while cash might not be necessary in Heaven, it is necessary on earth. We have a great expectation – an Ephesians 3:20 expectation in how Heaven is resourcing our identity. This alignment is releasing funds from Heaven into the Aglow storehouse to propel the Kingdom forward.

One of the prophetic words given to us says:

What I see is that as Heaven opens, your war chest will get bigger and the Lord will release resources that are compatible with your favor. It is a Kingdom budget. How many of us understand that a church that is just a church can only have a church budget, but a church that has a Kingdom anointing has access to a Kingdom budget.

That is why God does not want you building the Kingdom out of a church budget - and you wonder why you are always warring and contending about finances.   The Lord says, “It is a different budget.  It is a different account for the Kingdom.”  I see abundance in line with the emerging of the Son and the Bride.  I see an upgrade in your identity and an increase in your resourcing. This is what I think it will mean:

  • Nations will provide for you.
  • Governments will include you in their budget.
  • I see buildings and property being given to you.
  • I see expense accounts opening. Businesses will include you in their balance sheet.
  • And hundreds of thousands of ordinary people will give to the Presence of God in your midst.

And I tell you this…your resources will no longer be your chain; they will become your weapon.

This year we have begun to see an increase in A-Company members – those who give monthly into Aglow’s storehouse. We have received checks from businesses and we have received news that a Baptist Church in Texas has written Aglow into their annual budget.

In Richmond, Chuck Pierce said:

  • It is our identity that we are coming into that will unlock the provision for our next season.
  • You want to give monthly into those you are aligned with so you receive that anointing.
  • Your alignment is linked with Aglow. You need to give into Aglow because it is Aglow International that is sending you forth to demonstrate the Gospel.

The last thought I want to leave you with is one linked with an alignment that took place in Jerusalem in 2013. Asher Intrater and his team from Revive Israel apostolically sent Aglow from Jerusalem into the world to fulfill the Great Commission. Asher said, “This will position you differently in the Spirit. The prophetic, apostolic alignment positioning and commissioning that Aglow has laid hold of by faith has brought you into a Kingdom covenant connection with Yeshua’s seat of earthly authority. You are also connecting to Isaiah 60 and the promise of the coming of the wealth of the nations.”

Chuck Pierce told us that God is watching how we respond and how we give into the place where He has us positioned to give. He decreed that Aglow is entering a day of harvest never before seen and that God is realigning us as a storehouse with storehouses.

“Lord, this is what You have said to us. I’ve kept watch over these financial promises through the years and we align and declare out into the atmosphere that there is a harvest coming of the wealth of the nations and it will cause Aglow to be a storehouse of storehouses. We give You thanks for the ways You have faithfully met our needs through the last 50 years and we give You thanks for how You are bringing in a new harvest of finances that is in line with our identity in the earth. You have commissioned us to fulfill the Great Commission. I declare today that Aglow will propel the Kingdom forward with signs and wonders and miracles following us. I declare that our next 50 years will be exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond any expectations we formerly had. Let it be unto us as You have said.”

It is my desire to end this fiscal year with the sound of abundance in the air. A special group of generous, faithful donors have joined together to offer a double challenge of $25,000. Between now and March 31, every dollar you give will be matched up to $25,000 for a total of $50,000 and halfway to our goal of $100,000. Give online at, Follow our progress to reach $100,000 at and together let us watch what the Lord will do.

Aglow Lighthouses, Candlelight Groups, Area Teams, National Boards and Regional Committees, this is also an invitation for you to give a gift from your groups or teams.

Join with us to propel the work of the Kingdom forward. This is the year that finances become our weapon!

Aligned and Expectant!

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Jane Hansen Hoyt
Jane Hansen Hoyt
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