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Aglow's 8-member Board of Directors represent many nations on 5 continents. They are the governing board for the global organization of Aglow International.

ibod group 2023The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing, within the Constitution and Bylaws, the overall direction and policies for the ministry of Aglow throughout the world. Following the model of biblical apostolic government rather than western secular corporate government, it is the final authority in all matters pertaining to Aglow and has ultimate responsibility for sustaining the purpose, beliefs, standards, and financial solvency and integrity of Aglow International. 


jane hansen hoytJane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International



Alice TsoiAlice Tsoi
Aglow Hong Kong-China National President
Aglow Asia Regional Committee Chairman
Hong Kong



Diane ModerDiane Moder
Aglow Islamic Awareness & Education Director
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA



edda swanEdda Swan
Chairperson, European Regional Committee
Aglow Iceland National Board President

Álftanes (Bessastadahrepp), Iceland



elizabeth mbuziElizabeth Mbuzi
Aglow Zambia National Board President
Lusaka, Zambia



evanne nonnie mcveighEvanne (Nonnie) McVeigh
Aglow Britain National Board President
South Shields, England



glenda flemmingGlenda Fleming
Aglow U.S. Regional Director
Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA



Rick AllenRick Allen
Aglow International
Director, Creative Services


Any correspondence for the Board of Directors may be directed to the Aglow International Headquarters. For security reasons the individual contact information for these board members is not published, however mailing addresses can be provided upon request.