Finance Literacy Event

The Generations Group of Matteson, IL has been thriving for over 10 years. The Group was originally formed as a support for Single Moms and their children. They host, plan and do monthly activities and outreaches to bless moms and local families.

He Watches Over His Word

Murrieta, CA Lighthouse President, Linda Sherbon, received a prompting from Holy Spirit to seek a new location for their meetings. During this time meeting attendance began to grow. The Presence of the Lord grew more intense and the atmosphere started changing.

Twentynine Palms National Day of Prayer

The Twentynine Palms California Aglow Community Lighthouse participated in the 70th Annual National Day of Prayer held in their city.

5K Event

Recently Patricia Lynn Taylor and the Southwest Coastal Aglow Region joined Beverly Davis, the Project Manager for Kid Care International to sponsor a 5K Walk/Run Event. Time was short, but everything fell into place in two months. 

Philadelphia Aglow Outreaches

The Philadelphia, PA NE Community Lighthouse shares the many outreaches into the community that the Lighthouse is doing. There are times that they work hand in hand with Hope Christian Tabernacle Church and Hope Matters, Inc. More hands complete more work.


One of the most exciting goals the South Central Ohio Area Team has is a prayer strategy to enable the team to see a Lighthouse birthed in each of their 29 counties. That is the way to eat an elephant – one bite at a time.

Making a Difference

In West Virginia, one Lighthouse has taken the time to visit former attendees in their homes, and picking up those who need a ride so they can participate in viewing recent conference messages. This group has also spent time re-digging the wells of revival and being diligent to pray.

Atlanta Aglow

Each Monday morning the Atlanta, Georgia Community Lighthouse group gathers by phone to join together in united prayer. They are a committed group who has done this for two years! Jessie said, “We have seen many prayers answered….”

Matteson IL Generations Group

The Generations Group of Matteson Illinois has big plans in 2022 to touch hearts and lives with the love of God.

Hermantown Police Department Outreach

Shelly Breitzmann, VP of Administration, for the Duluth, MN Community Lighthouse, and the outreach team showed up in force at the Hermantown Police Department in spite of the 15-30 mph sustained winds that day. There were even gusts reaching 50 mph!

Kay Rogers

During Staff devotion time, Kay Rogers, Chief of Strategic Services, shared a beautiful story of her beginnings in Aglow and how God places Aglow in neighborhoods to bring the Good News to all.

Prayer at Women’s Health Clinic

On February 19, 2022 the Monroe AM, North Carolina Lighthouse, represented by 7 Aglow women, joined with another local group, Love Life, and to pray at the Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte, NC.

Great Plains Rocky Mountain Region

In February the Great Plains Rocky Mountain Region went to Washington, D.C. We encourage you to go with your region when they go into DC for a prayer journey. You will never be the same.