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Gate to the Old City in JerusalemThe Foundation Series

These teachings have been developed by Aglow International’s Israel Education Director, Sandy Wezowicz, to provide you with an understanding of the Biblical and historical foundation for supporting Israel and the Jewish people. 

Our goal is to empower you, a warrior and champion, to be an effective advocate and informed intercessor. Feel free to copy the material for your use. 

You may also purchase the Israel Mandate Resource Material already printed and bound in a spiral book for $12 plus shipping and handling through the Aglow International web store. Currently this material is only available in English.

Aglow's Immoveable Stand With Israel

(Jane's powerful 2015 Global Conference message)

  • Jane Hansen Hoyt - Aglow’s Immoveable Stand With Israel pdf icon_small
    In the year 2000, a strong prophetic word came to Jane concerning Israel. Through the years the magnitude of Aglow’s call to Israel continues to unfold as we come in alignment with God’s plans and purposes for the Apple of His eye. One of the greatest reformations in history is about to take place within the church related to Israel. There is going to come a moment of understanding and revelation where people will have to choose. We have made our choice.

Israel Mandate Foundation Series: Part 1

Israel Mandate Resource Material

Israel Mandate Foundation Series: Part 2

Replacement Theology

What is Replacement Theology? Does it align with scripture? How was the seed planted and how did it grow? What is the impact on world history and what does it say to us today? Perhaps most importantly, how must we, as Biblically sound Christians, respond?

  • Replacement Theology - Part 1: The Error of Replacement Theology pdf icon_small
    From the early foundation of the Church, an imperceptible shift away from Jewish roots gradually produced over the centuries disastrous consequences for the Jews, Israel, and the Church. It has been described by some as the great cancer in Christian theology; others declare it as the great deception. More recently there are calls for a second reformation to correct this teaching that has infected the Church for over eighteen hundred years.
  • Replacement Theology - Part 2: The Fertile Soil for Replacement Theology pdf icon_small
    In the first century AD, the Church was well connected to its Jewish roots. Jewish believers regarded themselves as being under the umbrella of Judaism. They were viewed as just another sect of Judaism. The leaders in the early Church were all Jewish with Jerusalem at its center. As more Gentiles became believers in Jesus, first, through Peter and then the missionary work of Paul and Barnabas, potentially divisive arguments arose.
  • Replacement Theology - Part 3: The Biblical Response to Replacement Theology pdf icon_small
    As Christians, our response to Replacement Theology hinges on our understanding and embracing the prophetic call upon Israel, yet to be fulfilled. The story of a covenant keeping God, that began with Abram in Genesis and culminates in Revelation, involves a significant role for the land of Israel, and the Jewish people. The completion of the final act of history, the return of Jesus to planet earth and the declaration of His Kingdom reign will only happen as the sons and daughters of Abraham welcome Him back with “Blessed are you who come in the name of the Lord."