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What is 21st Century GameChangers?

Watch people sharing their experiences with Game Changers and how it's changed their view of God and themselves.

  • Is a powerful, personal development program designed to help you see yourself as God sees you. As you work through the questions in session one, you will feel yourself rising to a new level of understanding your identity as a citizen of Heaven who lives on earth.
  • Is designed to kill negativity stone dead! Feelings and emotions can stand in opposition to the Fruit of the Spirit which is the nature of the inner man of the spirit.  The outer man of the soul complains, finds fault, seeks to blame others, whines, and often judges others based on their behavior rather than their position in Christ. See yourself as God sees you and see others as God sees them!
  • Will cause you to experience life out of a place of fullness and abundance. Problems can leave us feeling hopeless and without a future. Learn how to change the way you see and shift problems into possibilities!

Who is 21st Century GameChangers for?

These truths in GameChangers are for you personally and for the corporate body of Christ. Your relationship with God will come alive in a way you have never experienced. Learn how all of Heaven is drawn toward Christ who lives within you. Begin to walk in the same favor that Jesus walked in. Listen as your conversations change and you begin to speak out loud what is spoken in Heaven. Learn to pray with God, not towards Him.

What Does a GameChanger Look Like?

  • A GameChanger is a person who can bring the power, favor, and light of Heaven into the circumstances of earth.
  • A GameChanger has the focus, clarity, and anointing to breakthrough in any situation.
  • A GameChanger has an unstoppable, unbeatable, partnership with God that creates momentum wherever they go.

*Highlights of Graham’s 2008 Word:

The Father has a dream. His dream is “on earth as it is in Heaven.” His dream includes millions and millions of people set free. Of people coming together to have amazing encounters with Him.

He has a dream of a Church that is powerful, beautiful, and dreadful to the enemy. He has a dream about a people on earth so radically affected by Him that they are totally vulnerable and susceptible to Heaven – a people who are just like Him – unchangeable, unshakable, and unstoppable.

He is looking for a people on earth who are a visual aid of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. That they can say, “This is who God is and this is who He has been to me, and that is why I can share this truth and this impact with you.”

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