car in snow stormAfter seeing an exciting baseball game in Milwaukee, Bob and Faith Murray decided to get an early start the next morning so they could travel a good distance home before dark. Driving home, the weather turned from rain, to sleet, to a full-on snow storm.

Breakfast at the Firehouse

On December 17th, 2016 the Monroe NC (AM) Community Lighthouse hosted a Christmas Breakfast for all the public safety workers at a local firehouse.

Donna & Charlie FranerDonna Franer will be greatly celebrated for her contribution to Aglow International over the past 28+ Years.

L to R: Leslie Lennep, Glenda Fleming, Jane Hansen Hoyt, Jamie Lynn MartinJamie Lynn Martin shares her heart for Aglow:

I have personally been blessed by the Aglow family in many ways. It's incredible to know that people internationally are praying on my behalf. There is nothing like having people in your life that are encouraging and supporting you. Every person I have met in Aglow has showered me with love. Now that I am older, I have had the privilege of speaking at two different Aglow meetings. These opportunities blessed me tremendously because the Lord gave me the opportunity to share my testimony of His faithful love in my life.

2017 4 18 runner“Take a moment to ask God if He would use you in Aglow. Then run, don't walk, to find out where to begin. The ladies in your community will one day thank you for being there for them and Aglow will help you to do the rest.

gift“This has been a good year for Eastern Oklahoma Aglow,” writes Joyce Mow, Area Team President. We are pleased to report some of the activities that have taken place.

2017 4 4 phoneRight in the midst of chaos God is able to work good. So many people think that they are not leaders, yet they hear our conversations every day as we walk through life. We are leading through our faith that is lived out loud.

2017 3 7 freedomAn Aglow woman in Texas is using the Aglow Bible Study, "Shame, the Thief of Intimacy" to mentor recovering meth addicts. She writes, “The results of freedom have been outstanding. One of the women I am mentoring is being led to open a facility for active users that want to get clean so they can go to rehab.

2016 theme web smBonnie Minnick, a young leader from Montana writes about the life-changing experience she had at the 2016 U.S. Aglow Conference. “Conference was very powerful for me. During worship on Thursday God spoke three things to me 1) to believe in myself 2) that my Heavenly Father does not think little of me, and 3) that He is awakening me to declare His victory.

Fairborn Aglow“As Fairborn Aglow entered 2016 we were stirred to continue focusing on community outreach,” writes Tina Marie Brown, Aglow Fairborn President. Tina continues, “We drew our inspiration from Jane Hanson Hoyt, who gave us direction in the US Leaders Digest.

Rose Bowl Parade Transformation Outreach TeamOn New Year’s Day a team of 16 men and women ministered on the streets of Pasadena, California for the 2017 Aglow Transformation Rose Parade Outreach. There were three generations working together to share Jesus with the thousands of people on the parade route.

2016 12 20 hands upAfter the first LifeChangers event, Jane Hansen Hoyt asked a select group of leaders to become mentors to other leaders and walk through the teachings together. One small group recently completed the process after 2 years of conference calls.

2016 12 5 thankful“Whether you are struggling, or in a season of ease and bliss, may you lean into Jesus all the more, abiding in His unconditional love for you and showing that love and truth to others. For His Kingdom and Glory!”