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Palestine, TX Community Lighthouse Blesses Law Enforcement

The Palestine, TX Community Lighthouse is on the go again and no one is safe from a blessing!

Recently LaDonna Rice, President of the Palestine Lighthouse, sent a report about an outreach in the community to local law enforcement agencies. As the team baked treats and prepared platters loaded with the fruits of their labor, prayers were being spoken over those who would be receiving the baked goods.

LaDonna said, "As we delivered the platters, visual aids of our love and support, we were able to tell each person we met that they were being prayed for daily. After being in this time of reset, we are putting our love and war boots back on the ground in our community."

Trays of goodies were left with the local Police Department and with the County Sheriff Department.

How is your Aglow group going the extra mile in your community? We want to hear from you!