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Museum of the Bible

For over 12 years, US Regional Directors have lead a group from their region into Washington, D.C. – a different region each month. They go with the focus to pray for America and to build relationships with state representatives in Congress and to build relationship with other like-minded ministries.

Recently we received an email from the Chief Marketing Officer of the Museum of the Bible after one of the Aglow regional prayer groups visited. Here is what he had to say,

This weekend as I was walking around the museum welcoming guests, I met a group from your organization, in D.C. who came to pray for the nation’s government. They were very encouraging to me, and I just wanted to say “thank you.”

We need encouragement these days, as D.C. is virtually shut down. We were closed for 3 months, but, being re-opened for a few weeks, attendance is light as the local government practically tells the nation to stay away.

All this adds up to a tough time financially for the Museum of the Bible. We’ll get through it, of course; we have faith that God will sustain us. But it sure is nice to get some human encouragement, in this case from Aglow.

Everywhere Aglow women and men go, we carry the Presence of God with us. Through us, He touches, He heals, He saves, He encourages, and so much more. Walk in the awareness that as you go, He is with you, and He is working through you to touch a hurting world. What you do matters.