Duluth, MN Lighthouse Adopt-A-Cop Lunch

A few years ago, Jean Priest had the desire to bless the local law enforcement officers in Duluth, MN. She began a program called Adopt-A-Cop, and since that initial gathering, it has grown in favor with not only the Police Departments, but the Fire Department, too.

Such A Time As This

Recently we receive emails from Mary Hipple and Barb Waaso sharing their insight on the current situation. Because they demonstrate the identity of the Aglow family, we wanted to share the encouragement in their emails.

Palestine, TX Community Lighthouse Blesses Law Enforcement

The Palestine, TX Community Lighthouse is on the go again with an outreach to local law enforcement agencies in the community blessing them with baked treats.


Merrillyn Reynolds wrote a beautiful note to Aglow and sent it along with her financial gift. She knows people will find a safe place in Aglow groups and believes in the value Aglow brings to their lives.

Aglow Reedsport – We Have Come Out of Hiding

“God is alive and well in Reedsport. After a few months of isolation Reedsport Aglow came out of hiding,” writes Leann Stuller, President of the Reedsport Lighthouse.

Elgin Aglow Ride For Jesus

The Elgin, Illinois Community Lighthouse has found ways to continue displaying God’s Glory in the community.

Lord You Said Healing Cards

When Gay Jacobson went through treatment for cancer last year she put some Lord You Said cards on her refrigerator as a daily reminder. She is excited about the new Lord You Said Healing cards which have just come out.

Rachel Bondshu shares a memory from her time of ministering the truth and power of Jesus to the women in the Valley State Prison in California.

Brooksville Prayer Letters

The Brookville, Pennsylvania Lighthouse had the idea to write a prayer letter and to send it out to the businesses in their community.

Fairborn Ohio Prayer Walks

Recently, the Fairborn, Ohio Lighthouse made the decision to use this special time to use their meeting date to gather together, keep the distancing required, and to prayer walk their city.

His People Are Finding New Ways

Recently Laurie Lischke, Director of Donor Relations, reached out to Carolyn Williams, President of North/Central GA Area Team, and we wanted to share Carolyn’s response. 

Wyoming Prison Team – Right Place, Right Time

Just before the Wyoming Women's Center stopped allowing ministry teams to go in because of the Coronovirus, the Wyoming Aglow Prison Team was able to go to their scheduled monthly meeting. God had His people in the right place at the right time!

Creativity of Aglow Leaders During Trying Times

“What is your Area Team doing to connect with your leaders during this pandemic,” asked Karan Reed to her leaders in a phone call. Excitement could be heard in each voice as they began to share.