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Kindness Goes A Long Way

Recently Donna Legenza, VP of Special Events, on the San Francisco Peninsula Area Team in California shared a note that she had received from the mayor of her city after Donna had sent her a word of encouragement as a birthday greeting.

Donna said that those serving with her on the Area Team have been sending notes and cards with encouragement to city leaders. While the team normally takes donuts to the police stations on the National Day of Prayer; this year they had to send notes because of the quarantine.

Every nation of the world is under stress and pressure because of the unprecedented times in which we live and into this chaos, God has positioned Aglow in over 170 of those nations. He has given us the keys to lock and loose, to open and close, and to shift atmospheres that open the way to the King of Glory. We are filled with the Prince of Peace and as we walk in His peace, we can give out this peace to those around us.

Donna said, “I believe this is a key time to reach out to our elected officials. We can bless them and show God’s kindness whether we agree on issues are not.”

We agree! Kindness goes a long way to turning a heart toward God.

Taste and see that the Lord is Good. Psalm 34:8
The Goodness of God leads men to repentance. 2 Peter 3:15

Let us know how you are reaching out to the elected officials, police officers, first responders, medical professionals, education professionals, and others in your city. God has a plan and it includes you and your team!