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Leann Stuller, President of the Reedsport Lighthouse, sent us this report.

2020 6 23 reedsport“God is alive and well in Reedsport. After a few months of isolation Reedsport Aglow came out of hiding. We first had a time of fellowship together. There was no planned program; rather we simply spent time together, enjoying each other, sharing stories and ideas. One of the ideas came from Carol Swift, VP of Lighthouse Development on the Oregon South Central Area Team. When she called for a show of hands as to who would participate, 12 went up.

2020 so far has seen fear and loss due to COVID-19 followed by anger, violence and even more loss spurred by the tragic death of George Floyd. That is what we see going on in our neck of the world at any rate, yet, we know God has been preparing Aglow for this time. We fully expect that the enemies of God will be met with His Mighty Roar!

The following Saturday, Reedsport Aglow took it to the streets. This may be a humble step for us, but it is also bold as we fully intend to come out of our hiding, comfort, safe places to do the work that God has for us to do. We will follow as He leads us.

On this day, our group stepped out to present a positive message to all who passed by. Jesus saves, Hope is alive, God is not mad at you, Jesus heals all, we support our police, God bless America and more! The response was mixed. Lots of honks, waves, thumbs-up. There were those who did their best to ignore us and there were some who disagreed.

This year marks the threshold of a new era of harvest like we have never seen before. We are ready! We love you Reedsport! 2020 will be glorious!”

God has called Aglow to be a visual aid in the world. What will that look like? How will we demonstrate that even when we may not agree on each issue? We will listen. We will pray. We refuse to be divided because His Love that lives within us COMPELS us to love one another. All are welcome to come and meet at the Cross in Aglow where we are growing in our identity that is found in Christ alone. How is your Aglow group demonstrating the love of God to all people?