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Arbuckle Lighthouse Reaches Out to Law Enforcement

Recently, Carolyn Suty, Regional Director of the SW Coastal Region sent this note to her Aglow groups, “As we pray for the police and sheriff departments, could we send a note telling them we are for them and praying? Perhaps go and pray at the station! Be creative! Show love and kindness!” The very next day, she received this note from Arbuckle, CA Neighborhood Lighthouse President, Loraine McBurney.

Police Gift Bags“In Colusa County we have gone above and beyond in reaching out to law enforcement. A friend saw a story on Facebook that was reaching out to law enforcement officers and we decide we would do it, too. We started with about 60 people we knew and it grew to over 800 in less than two weeks.

Together we donated gift bags and tissue paper, candy, gum, and soda. We had practice because we had made gift tags for the Military before. People purchase gift cards for local restaurants and coffee shops which also gave those local shops business. Some donated money to help make purchases.

Then, we prepared bags for every Highway Patrol Officer, Sheriff Deputies, Policemen, and the support staff – about 400 in our county. Many came out in mass to support the Blue because just a short time ago, one of our officers, Natalie Corona, was gunned down.”

When one of the officers showed his family the bag he received, his wife said, “My husband came home from work today with this amazing and incredibly thoughtful gift full of goodies from the community of Colusa County. You have no idea how much this means to not only my husband, but our family. It was priceless to see the look on our kids’ faces when they realized there are still people in this world who support not only their dad but all of law enforcement. Thank you for putting smiles on our faces and filling our hearts with love!”

A few years ago, Jane Hansen Hoyt encouraged us to reach out to our Police departments to let them know we are praying for them. Now is a great time to reach out again! Let them know you are praying for them. And be sure to send in your story to encourage others.