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fireplaceRecently Joanie Standridge, President of the Charleston Metro SC Lighthouse, reported the value of using Fireside Chats with those who attend their group.

Joanie said, “Toward the end of 2019, as we wrote our Ministry Action Plan, the team decided to plan to use six Fireside Chats during 2020. While we have done four of the chats so far, we have found them to be really great for our Lighthouse.

Because we are a small group, the chats have allowed us to engage people in greater depths. We have taken the time to go over the practical applications and answer them with one another. We have learned so much as we see how our perspectives differ. We have also learned so much about each other as we hear each one share about different life experiences.”

Joanie said that what she really likes about using the Chats is that each person is able to give their own personal input or testimony, thought or comment. Everyone is included! “We gain strength and encouragement from each other and we pray with greater understanding. We have found Fireside Chats to be enlightening, engaging, and valuable.”

In 2017, sensing a shift in the way a Lighthouse would function within the boundaries of a town, we felt that it was important that groups began to know more about those that attended their meetings. Wanting to reinforce GameChangers truths, we decided to use real life, personal stories and then add practical applications to engage those in the groups. For larger groups, you can read the stories together and then break into smaller groups for discussions so you have opportunity to hear everyone.

We also sensed that God would be causing a new awareness of the assignments each Aglow group has in the community and in order to step into those assignments, an army mentality would need to come into the great family that God has built together through the years. The Fireside Chats will help your group immensely.

If you haven’t checked out the Fireside Chats, we encourage you to do so now. And if you have a good personal story, let us know. We will add the practical applications. And if you live in one of the states with HOT temperatures, feel free to rename the Chats to ‘Poolside Chats’ or ‘Riverside Chats’.