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Lord You Said Healing Cards

Laurie Lischke, Director of Donor Relations, received an email from Gay Jacobson from Hibbings, MN, who was responding to the recent Behind the Scenes interview between Laurie and Kathy Sanders, Director of Leader Development. All those who are A-Company members receive a special, behind the scenes video each quarter.

In her email, Gay said, “I’m excited to hear about the new Lord You Said Healing cards. I’ve loved the Grace cards and the original Lord You Said cards, too. Last year when I went through treatment for cancer, I put the cards that ministered to me on my refrigerator so I could have a daily reminder. Those cards reminded me to keep the faith and God was faithful to bring me through, healed!

Last fall when we had our retreat, we put a card at every place and prayed that each person would get just what God was saying to them.

Thank you for adding the scripture reference to the new Healing cards. That will be so helpful if a person is too sick to look up the reference. I will definitely be buying these new cards!”

We would love to hear how the GameChanger Grace, Lord You Said, or Lord You Said Healing cards have blessed you personally and how you have used them in your groups. To order, click here.