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Elgin Aglow Ride For Jesus

The Elgin, Illinois Community Lighthouse has found ways to continue displaying God’s Glory in the community.

At the end of May, many churches joined together to have a ‘Ride for Jesus’. Over 180 cars were decorated with signs, streamers, and balloons soon filling the street with a long parade of cars and trucks to encourage the community and to share the Gospel. The Elgin Aglow group was a part of the parade.

The first Saturday in June, the Elgin Aglow came together to worship, fellowship, eat, and to spend time in prayer! All was done in compliance with local health regulations. After eating and worshipping the group fun continued outside around a bonfire. It was a wonderful time to reconnect, worship, and begin to look forward to where the Holy Spirit is leading them.

For those who were not comfortable coming together, a Zoom call during the gathering made it possible for many others to join in the time of rejoicing.