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Acts of Kindness

Recently Kimberly Wiant, Director of Human Resources and Operations, received news of how consistent acts of kindness touched the lives of a neighbor.

Several years ago, Kimmy shared an apartment. There were days when Kimmy and her roommate noticed the single mom living near them talking in a rather loud voice to her children. Understanding the frustration of being a single parent, they would go out of their way to be kind whenever they could by speaking words of encouragement or giving Christmas gifts to the family. The mom once asked why they were so nice to her and they replied, “Because we love Jesus and He loves us all.”

A few years ago the family moved to a larger home. Kimmy and her roommate often wondered what happened with the family.

Last week, Kimmy received a text from her roommate who told her that a new family had come to church. It was the mom and her children! Later, Kimmy learned that someone had overheard the mom telling them about these young adults who were always so kind to them, so she thought she would give ‘it’ a try. That being, giving her life to Christ!

The moral of the story is, some plant, some water, and God gives the increase. Don’t grow weary in speaking words of encouragement to those even when it feels like your words of love and life are falling on deaf ears. People remember kindness. Keep planting through words you speak, cards you send, emails you write. God will bring the increase.