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we are family thumb         Watch the videoIn the past two months, we have been blessed and amazed at how Aglow groups have realized that normal tithes and offerings have been affected by the global lockdown and purposed to send in funds.

Our hearts have been touched by the personal comments and prayers, and the love and care the Aglow family is displaying.

Four Corners of the World

When we hear how Aglow groups are reaching out in their communities to help those in need, we have to admit, we feel a little pride. Here is a glimpse into the four corners of the world:

  1. El Salvador Generations - The group continues to meet each Friday evening by Zoom for prayer, praise, and teaching of the Word. Together, they pooled their money to purchase provisions for those in need. Keep praying for them!
  2. North Central Texas Area – The Area Team has kept their area connected through conference calls, even keeping 3 GameChangers groups active. Read Story.
  3. Costa Rica - Aglow Alajuela and Aglow Siquirres held a day of hope where they had prayer caravans and delivered food to people in need. Read Story.
  4. North/Central Georgia Area Team – This Area Team turned their area into a House of Prayer. Contacting each Lighthouse they oversee, they meet nightly by conference call. Assigning each Lighthouse a night to lead the prayer time, each team leads once every 12th day. Read Story.
  5. The Netherlands - Using a private feature of YouTube, the Netherlands hosted a national day of training complete with much encouragement and prayer.
  6. Northwest Region of the United States - Several groups meet through Facebook Live and Zoom. One group met in a parking lot where they pulled their cars close – but not too close – and had their prayer time together. Another group hit the road to stop outside the homes of shut-ins to sing a few joyful songs.

Shine His Light

Altogether, I simply wanted to drop in today to the Aglow family we are making a difference in the world as we shine His Light for all to see!

I will close with a video message recorded from my home office. I invite you to sit with me for a few minutes and connect. (Watch the video

And if you would like to plant a seed, we are happy to receive it. (Plant HERE.)

We love you!

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Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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