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Video Transcript

Greetings to you today. We’re living in unusual times, aren’t we? Last night I had the opportunity to text with my granddaughter. It was a late night; we texted up to midnight! She was inquiring, “Is this preparation for the second coming?” It was a great opportunity to express some wonderful spiritual truths that she knows in her heart as she begins to see things unfold. It brings it home closer for all of us.

Aglow Headquarter Operations

One of the things I want to mention to you is that those of us who work at the Aglow Headquarter Office will be working off site, from our homes. We will continue to take calls; and we will continue to be blessed by your financial gifts that keep the ministry going. (To give, go to

Stand Strong in Faith

The word today is to encourage you to Stand Strong in faith; to believe God has your protection and your family’s protection covered by His blood. Jesus completed it on the cross!

Come Up Higher

It is real, and times like this are ways that give us opportunity to press into that reality. It is easy to go along day by day and just live our normal life. But when something happens, it causes us to square our shoulders and think, I know some things that I need to be living up to. This is an opportunity to Come Up Higher…and we are doing it!

Today, I bless you. I pray the protection of Jesus over you. I plead the blood of Jesus over you. We are going to get through this and we are going to come out higher than we were before; better, stronger, more joyful than when this virus broke out; in our nation and the nations of the world.

Bless you today, be well! - Jane

Stand Strong

In this midst of the coronavirus outbreak, I want to encourage you to stand strong in faith that God has your protection and your family's protection covered. Jesus completed it all on the cross!

Aglow Headquarters

We also want you to know that during this unusual time, you can still reach us...we are still working! While we will be working remotely, you can still call the office, leave messages, email us, buy products from and stream digital content on The Aglow Store, etc. 

YOU Keep Aglow Going

We continue to be blessed by your financial gifts that keep the ministry going. Please consider giving a gift into the Aglow treasury. You can read my latest letter  here, "She Gave...out of her poverty"

Bless you and be well,

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Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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