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with gratitude

As I reflect and meditate on what God has been saying to us in Aglow, I am struck with the clarity and power God has been speaking to us about the importance of His Presence.  

At our 2019 Jerusalem Convocation in September,  I shared that one of our IBOD members had recently asked me what I wanted in Aglow and I replied, "His Presence." And again, in a letter to you earlier this month I said, "Without God in our personal lives and in our meetings, we really have nothing."  

Utmost Importance

The Presence of God is of utmost importance to all of us. It emanates from us as we spend time alone with Him. May we be ones from which His Presence emanates and may we make a difference in our relationships, in our homes, in our work.

As we go about our daily business, I pray that His Presence in our lives is something very tangible to others; not to draw attention to ourselves, but to draw attention to the High and Holy One, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Walking Together

As we look forward to 2020, consider all the Lord has done through the ministry of Aglow in your life, in the lives of your friends and family, and in the lives of women and men in nations of the world and give a year-end gift that expresses your appreciation. 

God bless you for all the ways you stand with us; the way you support us with your prayers, your finances. We’re walking together and you’re very much appreciated.

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Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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