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VideoScreenShotOne of the thoughts that came to my mind this morning was from Genesis. God was speaking to Abraham and making such incredible promises to this man who had not even known God! God was saying to Abraham, “I am going to bring forth nations from you.” Can you imagine? Don’t you think Abraham might have said, “Excuse me, what did you just say!” He didn’t expect any of this, but God had a plan that was coming forth in the earth and he uses individuals to make that plan come to fruition. So hence, He’s speaking to Abraham and He’s saying, “It’s going to be nations from you."

You know in Aglow’s early days we thought Aglow might flourish in Seattle. And then it spread out to others in the nation, and ultimately NATIONS. We didn’t expect that. Today we are active in 170 nations. My response is like Abraham’s, “What?!” It’s awesome!

I just want to encourage you today as lovers of God, lovers of this ministry, lovers of the outreach that this ministry has had because of the move of the Spirit. I would like to ask you today if you would consider sending us a year-end gift. Because we were not able to hold our U.S. National Conference, many of you were not able to give into that. I know your generosity, I know your heart is responding even as you hear these words. Would you send a year-end gift to Aglow that we might continue flourishing to the end of the year and into the first of the new or next year? We would be blessed if you would do that. And I just want to thank you in advance.

Let me close in prayer. Lord, I thank You that Aglow is Your idea. I thank You that You have raised it up, that You have caused it to flourish; that You’re not taken off guard in any way by what is occurring now. As we give in to this ministry, You are lifting us up higher because You’ve told us “Come Up Higher.” We didn’t think it would come this way but this is one of the elements that has occurred, therefore we embrace it as part of Your plan. Thank You, Lord.

Thank You for giving at this time.

jane hansen hoyt
Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
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