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Legacy meets longevity and, on the journey, Grace unfolds into Glory. 

Ignite, Communicate, ActivateYes, that’s what we have seen in southern California, since last July. A couple of sharp young businesswomen discovered Aglow International and its imprint and impact on the nations. In their desire to make a difference in their community and hear the voice of the Lord, we began a new Aglow in their area. Within a month, we had a full local and area board of leaders. Was there any true interest in women of all ages in the area?

Oh yes, all the generations showed up. Our first gathering had approximately 50 and each one since has been from 60-70+ for the bi-monthly gatherings that meet in different cities in the area. God’s Presence, in tangible expressions of His love, was with us in dramatic measures. 

We have had something different every time and people flood in from all over not just our area to come.

We don’t just have a speaker - we develop a theme and some action they can do and they like that. At the last one, they walked from station to station to take communion, be anointed with oil, repent, and so forth rather than us passing it out or calling them up. We developed a Bridal Chamber where they walked in, no spoken words, read Scriptures, and then did as the suggested material said, “Make a fresh bridal commitment to your Bridegroom, Jesus, to take risks as He leads for the Kingdom.” They LOVED it. We saw them kneeling, crying, declaring softly, and on and on. People want to stop just sitting and listening. They want to participate.

We are offering smaller settings where only a few are invited personally. This is creating a desire to come to the NEXT whatever we have.

In between the larger gatherings have been the smaller home settings with subjects of evangelism, deliverance, and revitalizing our inner selves with His goodness, worship, and healing. One ‘Aglow in the Dark’ presentation in mid-CA at the prayer rally was beyond words. Truly, how do you describe times together when you feel He has graced us with face-to-face offerings of His love? 

In the upcoming plans are youth days with ‘Aglow in the Dark’, evangelism trainings of “Bold and Beautiful, Moms Enrichment Psalm 84” lunches, and myriad one-on-one prayer times for healing and deliverance. It has been moving so fast, we can only keep up because we trust in His provisions and plans. Truly, there have been myriad divine appointments that no one could have arranged. Relationships from the past and new ones from surrounding cities have escalated into a formation of Aglow International gatherings that host His strategies changing lives as only He can do.

Courage floods those who step out of the box to go where Holy Spirit leads. He knows what your community will respond to. Go with what He says and watch as new people are drawn to the Father. And let us know what He gave you to do. We love to hear the stories! Tell us your story