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Growing in Christ is a Choice

We recently received a testimony from a lady who had completed the GameChangers course. Here is her story.

“Having been a Christian for over 50 years, I loved the Lord, studied His Word, attended worship, and hung around Christians. I claimed Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior, yet, I was discontent. After a study of GameChangers and rereading it many times, the negativity at the forefront of my thinking began to rise up in my mind’s eye as sludge rises from the sewer. 

Complaining, living in panic, taking anti-depressants, going to counselors, walking around and around the same old path from crisis to crises. I didn’t seem to be on an upward path or be going from victory to victory. The old me didn’t seem ‘dead enough’.

The truth is, there is really nothing new in GameChangers. I have been reading this in the Bible, in Bible studies, and in books by respected Christian writers, yet, as I’ve studied these messages, all that I’ve read in the Bible has told me has become true and more stark. 

Growing in Christ is a choice. Putting away the carnal mind or the sense of self is a daily exercise. It is harder than pushups! Yet, everything else becomes more natural, like praise and worship.

Graham Cooke shows us that we are not ‘pretending’ to do all these things, rather, we are practicing. That perspective brought a huge sense of relief and peace to me. We can choose to accept this earthy perspective of our circumstances, our relationship with God, our interactions with others, or we can lift our gaze, then shift our perception from a mere earthly life into how God thinks and sees and responds. We ‘put on the Mind of Christ’.

All my Christian life I’ve been trying to do that! Graham gives us palpable examples of how to partner with the Fruit of the Spirit as we encounter circumstances that threaten to overwhelm us. He admonishes us that self-pity and negativity belong to the prayer language of hell, so don’t participate!

We are not pawns to a multitude of external forces. We are in partnership with the Majesty, Sovereignty, Supremacy of Almighty God. Our old man is dead! We have to practice that truth. As we practice the truths, the freedoms, the infinite love for which God created us, eventually, people will be healed as they stand in our shadow. Studying this course has given me greater understanding toward how to live above the line of privilege that being in Christ gives us.” 

Have you been through the GameChangers course? If so, we would love to hear how it impacted your life. You can find DVDs, CDs, or live stream the teachings by going to The Aglow Store. Have fun!